Campaign Accelerator Training


The Campaign Accelerator Training is for anyone who wants to lead a team through a dynamic, participatory campaign planning process – a new and effective way to take your campaign idea from concept to reality.

Graduates of this five-day experiential course will learn to:

  • Build a solid strategy that addresses your core issue,
  • Generate tested tactics to engage your key audiences,
  • Foster a team culture that embraces learning and iteration throughout a project cycle, and
  • Use collaborative methods that ensure full-team alignment.

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Upcoming Trainings

A tentatively scheduled Campaign Accelerator in Mexico City (Nov 2018) has been put on hold. Contact us if you want updates on Accelerator events in the region.

No Campaign Accelerator Trainings are open for registration. Subscribe to Dispatch for updates on trainings, other MobLab events campaign innovation around the world.

Totally changed my idea of campaigns! Stop thinking in year long blocks and start doing something now!

Caitlin Ryan,

Médecins Sans Frontières

Essential training for any campaigner who wants to make a real difference in the world on the key issue they are working on.

Devadass Gnanapragasam,

Amnesty International

Course Description

The Campaign Accelerator Training involves five dynamic working days as well as a 90 minute virtual session before we gather in person. The curriculum also includes a personalized coaching session with one of our expert trainers.

During the training, participants will:

  • Experience and explore leading the four key modules: Define, Sense, Create, and Prototype.
  • Learn how to pull the component pieces generated during the week together into a full project plan based on project team needs.
  • Explore tools/techniques for building strong team collaboration and integrating new practices into teams and organisations with established norms.
  • Understand the role of the facilitator in the Accelerator process.
  • Join a peer support network of Campaign Accelerator facilitators around the world.

Is this for me?

This training is ideal for those who:

  • Work directly with campaign teams or regularly help lead campaign planning processes.
  • Have capacity to prepare and deliver a 5 day workshop or equivalent with project teams.
  • Can support implementation and monitor impact of approach on campaign projects.
  • Have prior experience facilitating group strategy processes.
  • Are registering with a colleague or future facilitation “partner”; This process is best facilitated in teams, so you will get the most value from this training if you have other colleagues trained in the Campaign Accelerator methodology.

Note: This training is primarily geared toward campaigners from NGOs, but if you’re a professional facilitator and would like to come, please get in touch!

Campaign Accelerator Training sessions are led by experienced trainers, including:

Tracy Frauzel

Tracy Frauzel

Tracy is an expert in facilitation and campaigning, having spent 18 years leading campaigns for Greenpeace globally. Most recently Frauzel has been guiding Greenpeace offices and project teams through the process of designing more innovative and effective people-powered campaigns through creative facilitation, human centered design, and strategic innovation. Frauzel holds a masters degree in design thinking.

Ben Simon

Ben Simon

Ben has been leading and advising on modern campaigns for more than a decade. Prior to joining the Mobilisation Lab in 2013, Simon guided digital advocacy for the Democratic Party, Mozilla, and a range of other campaigning organisations. Simon is an experienced meeting designer and facilitator, having led workshops and trainings all over the world.

Mareike Britten

Mareike Britten

Mareike has over a decade of experience in facilitating national and international campaign strategy development processes and coordinating their implementation with a range of different NGOs and networks across the world. In order to spur greater systemic change she has specialised in supporting organisations in building effective strategies and project plans through facilitating deep collaboration and participation. On the way she has learned and adopted different methodologies and social innovation frameworks such as the MIT developed “Theory U”.

David Roth

David Roth

David spent most of his professional career leading and facilitating data driven design and strategy interventions for global campaigns. For the UN, Oxfam and Greenpeace, David has led and facilitated strategy development including peace building initiatives, environmental campaigns and organisational long term global frameworks. More recently he designed, developed, and delivered custom learning experiences across six continents and various cultural contexts.

Hannah Strange

Hannah Strange

Hannah has over 15 years experience facilitating social change agents to develop creative campaigns and build more responsive and equitable organizations. She has worked with organizations across the US, and currently manages a climate justice movement building initiative at Greenpeace US. She has a background in experiential education and a Masters in Positive Organizational Change.

Viv Benjamin

Viv Benjamin

Viv is an international campaign facilitator, and leads social change consultancy Global & Collective. Viv works with UNICEF to mobilise millions of volunteers in up to 180 countries. Viv was CEO of Oaktree, Australia’s largest youth organisation, and has worked with Purpose,, UN, SumOfUs, Tearfund, and more, to facilitate global convenings and campaigns for social, environmental and economic justice.

Campaign Accelerator impact

In 2016, Greenpeace Mexico participated in Campaign Accelerator. The process led a diverse team through creative campaign planning and testing. We caught up with the team in early-2018 to learn how Campaign Accelerator impacted their work. Check out the case study below – available in English and Spanish:

Taking on Bimbo with a new approach: A Campaign Accelerator case study

Tomando Bimbo con un nuevo enfoque: Un caso de estudio de Acelerador de Campañas