Modern Campaign Fundamentals brings together changemakers for two dynamic and challenging days to deepen their understanding of how to design advocacy campaigns that address problems at the root, inspire action, and put people at the centre.

How It Works

Participants in this course:

  • Discover the core building blocks of effective digital-era campaigns
  • Practice developing a campaign strategy based on a close examination of relevant root causes
  • Learn how to tell compelling stories that engage key constituencies and build participation
  • Practice applying the new lessons and frameworks to a relevant project

Extremely informative, enlightening, motivating and empowering. You have provided tools that can be used across the board. Thank you!

Modern Campaign Fundamentals participant

Course Breakdown

Day one:
  • Challenges and opportunities of the modern advocacy campaigning landscape
  • Harnessing moments of strategic opportunity
  • Identifying root causes
  • Developing a systems-based strategy
  • Crafting and selecting high-impact, people-powered tactics
Day two:
  • Tactics (continued)
  • Storytelling in the digital age
  • Mass mobilising through calls to action
  • Engaging people in long-term power building
  • Putting it all together into a campaign plan

Changed my approach when addressing a problem; gave an in-depth breakdown in handling a problem since most times it’s easy to focus on symptoms.

Modern Campaign Fundamentals participant

Is This for Me?

This course seeks to bring together a mix of participants with different levels of experience. It’s ideal for those who:

  • Want to build (or strengthen) their understanding of advocacy campaigning strategy—and ensure their tools and tactics are effectively supporting their overall mission or social change objectives.
  • Currently work for or with organisations in roles where a deeper understanding of campaigning would be useful. This training is also appropriate for individuals seeking future employment in advocacy campaigning organisations, as well as those engaged in grassroots campaigns for social change unaffiliated with a specific organisation.
  • Are joining with a colleague. The learnings will be most easily applied if there’s at least one colleague who you can continue exploring with; more than one colleague would be even better.


If you’d like to bring the Modern Campaign Fundamentals course to your event or organisation, please get in touch with MobLab’s talented network of facilitators here: