What are we doing?

Strengthening progressive movements to build people power and drive systems change

MobLab Collective empowers and strengthens progressive movements by providing capacity-building support and fostering strategic collaborations. We work alongside civil society organisations to build power, drive systems change, and amplify the voices of communities facing injustice and oppression through people-centred and powered campaigns. Why? Because these strategies are key to addressing the scale and complexity of the challenges we face today.

Training and coaching

We want to play a meaningful role in initiating, growing, supporting, and scaling people-powered campaigns and movements across different regions. Our workshops, trainings, and programmes ensure that activists, campaigners, and movements have access to tools and knowledge to design and implement effective people-powered campaign strategies.

Surfacing what works

We shine a light on stories of experimentation and learning to challenge changemakers to adapt to what works (and what doesn’t) in global social change. Our regular Dispatches and public discussions/workshops are spaces to share powerful and progressive narrative and campaigning strategies and tactics.


Why are we doing this?

Because the stakes are higher than ever

Around the world, we’re witnessing a rise in climate destruction, inequality, authoritarianism, and far-right ideologies. Digital technologies are enabling new forms of collaboration—not only for those working to foster fairer alternatives, but also for a small elite seeking to maintain and exacerbate the systems from which they profit.

Most organisations are struggling to adapt to the rapidly shifting political, economic, technological and media landscapes. And although advocacy campaigners are regularly finding creative ways to break through, too often our hard-won lessons aren’t shared across traditional divides of geography, context and expertise.

If we’re to win economic, environmental and social justice at the breadth and depth required today, changemakers need better support to transform their approaches and better pathways to collectively build on successes.

What’s important to us?

Listening, learning and experimentation

Our struggles for an equitable, peaceful and sustainable world are increasingly interconnected. Solutions will not come from one group or individual working in isolation, but from a community of changemakers worldwide actively building people power and learning from one another.

As such, we serve a growing network of 7,000 advocacy campaigners, leaders, grassroots activists, academics, funders, policy makers, social entrepreneurs and technologists who represent a diversity of backgrounds and experience.

We believe knowledge sharing is most valuable when it’s powered by people closest to the challenges. We seek to elevate the voices of changemakers who have the greatest insights and the most at stake.

Advancing economic, environmental and social justice today requires iteration, openness, adaptability and risk-taking. We embrace these values within our own work and aim to celebrate others who do the same.


The Mobilisation Lab was born inside Greenpeace International in 2011, and over the course of five years facilitated a massive culture shift across the organisation towards more modern campaigning — from digital tools and tactics including listening and a/b testing to more creative, nimble and participatory campaigns.

In early 2017, MobLab began the process of becoming fully independent and expanding its mission to serve the wider changemaking community. In 2021, we transitioned into a horizontal structure as Mobilisation Lab Collective and became fiscally independent as a US registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation.

Read more about our history and impact here.