About the MobLab

Our Challenge Today

We are witnessing a creative renaissance in social and political campaigns today. Born of necessity, changemakers are innovating at an unparalleled pace in response to the worrying global shift toward authoritarianism. Technology is enabling new forms of organising, mobilising, fundraising and communicating – at unprecedented scales.

But threats to people and the planet are mounting as quickly as barriers to collaboration are falling. Authoritarian leaders have one another on speed dial—sharing techniques to shut down the internet, censor dissent, and infiltrate opposition.

Social change campaigners and activists are finding new ways to break through, but too many hard-won lessons are being lost. Political, economic, and media landscapes are transforming more rapidly than most social change organisations can adapt. To unleash successive waves of lasting change across the globe, campaigners need better pathways to collaborate with one another, build on successes, and learn from failures.

People's Climate March. Photo by Shadia Fayne Wood.

Our Response: Agile, Networked Learning

The Mobilisation Lab fills this gap by building connections between changemakers around the world. Through MobLab’s programs, campaigners collaborate, innovate, and learn from one another continuously—with greater speed and skill than ever before—harnessing their full power to succeed.

MobLab’s purpose is to keep changemakers in ongoing communication about “what works,” so that when campaigners achieve a breakthrough in one part of the world, the news spreads around the globe in a matter of hours.

The Mobilisation Lab is a global learning and collaboration network powering the future of social change campaigns. We equip progressive movements and leaders to adapt and thrive in the digital, people-powered era.

Our Strategic Goals

MobLab serves 5 strategic goals to exponentially increase what campaigners can accomplish:

  1. Fostering greater peer learning between and among individuals, organisations, and movements to accelerate continuous applied learning across traditional silos and divides.
  2. Building a diverse global network of capacity builders–and open resources–that can meet the growing demand for training and support on modern campaigning and advocacy.
  3. Bolstering organisational leaders with the peer and professional support they need to drive organisational transformations that change internal cultures, behaviors, and systems for effective digital-era, people-powered campaigning.
  4. Piloting new practices, tactics, and technologies that have sector-wide potential for generating impact at increasingly great scales.
  5. Developing stronger talent pipelines and leadership pathways for next-generation campaigning.

Campaign Accelerator

We’re building a cohort of emergent, non-traditional leaders and practitioners who collaborate more effectively across boundaries and develop campaigns that focus on the big picture, are based on a clear analysis and testing, and are more likely to be successful.


Our annual skillshare creates unique, collaborative spaces for more than 120 campaigners from dozens of countries to more quickly identify “what works” and incorporate learning to improve their work.


Our weekly Dispatch delivers news about innovations in modern, people powered campaigning, training opportunities and jobs to thousands of practitioners and leaders around the globe.

Coaching & Consulting

We critically challenge legacy organisations to change organisational behaviors so they can harness people power in their campaigns.

Unequivocal chance to learn from the most diverse range of skilled and passionate activists from around the world. 

CampaignCon Participant

Thank you for systematising learning via thought-provoking and practical articles, @MobilisationLab! You’re offering the movement a big service. 

Advocacy Director at major NGO

A MobLab Story

Imagine Dalia, a social movement leader from Kenya, goes to the annual CampaignCon skillshare to meet, collaborate, and learn from activists, organizers, and technologists from 43 countries.

She joins a small group debriefing lessons from movements around the world, and she asks: “How can we use virtual reality to facilitate deeper connection to our causes?”

Several others are intrigued by the question, and MobLab staff encourage them to form an action learning group. MobLab connects the group with a technologist

CampaignCon working group

A CampaignCon working group created to look at networking campaigns and campaigners in Latin America.

and an academic researcher. The action learning group convenes monthly, then pilots several approaches.

The results are fascinating, with a few clear pitfalls to avoid and several promising avenues for further experimentation. The MobLab team writes up the results, publishes the story online, and shares the key lessons with thousands of practitioners around the world through its Dispatch newsletter.

Vivek, an organizer in India who was trained in MobLab’s Campaign Accelerator, reads about the results in the Dispatch. This prompts him to launch a new campaign combining the experimental results with design thinking principles learned in the Campaign Accelerator.

The campaign has some exciting initial success, which is shared with the action learning group and with thousands of other practitioners in the MobLab network.

This story is the reality we seek to build.

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