MobLab is a global innovation, training, and research hub dedicated to enabling a diverse network of changemakers to build a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. Amidst growing threats — to people, the planet, and the very right to advocate for change — we equip campaigners around the world with the strategies, tools, tactics, and partners needed to win in the digital era.

Our Challenge

Individuals and organisations around the world are joining together to fight the rise of the far right, reset the imbalances of inequality, and slow the pace of climate change – but the political, economic, and media landscapes are transforming more quickly than most social change organisations can adapt. So while our collective efforts for change bring hope, they’re ultimately insufficient to achieve the sustained, long-term results we need.

Meeting today’s challenges means building nimble, resilient advocacy and campaign organisations that move at the speed of the internet and adapt to constantly changing realities. We too often limit collaboration inside and across organizations, create cultures and incentives that inhibit experimentation and risk-taking, fail to make smart technology investments, and fall short on professional development and capacity-building that can ensure sustainability and strength beyond individual campaigns.

About threats to civic engagement

A medical student is detained by riot police during a protest by students in solidarity with striking public doctors in La Paz, Bolivia, Tuesday, April 24, 2012.

Our movements for justice, sustainability, and peace are also increasingly threatened by authoritarian governments. More than 3 billion people now live in countries where civic space is either repressed or closed, experiencing restrictions of their basic freedoms of expression, association and assembly.

To survive and thrive, social change campaigners need to do more than defend our rights to organise, mobilise, and advocate for a better world.

Our vision is a thriving network of emergent, nontraditional leaders and practitioners collaborating across organisations, movements, and geographies to continuously adapt, innovate, and achieve greater impact.

The MobLab is dedicated to enabling individuals and organisations to collaborate, innovate, and learn from one another faster than ever. The power and potential of a network of changemakers is exponentially greater than any number of siloed organisations.

People's Climate March. Photo by Shadia Fayne Wood.


We envision a more just, sustainable and peaceful world for all – regardless of race, gender, religion or identity.
We envision a world in which vulnerable populations and those facing economic, political, social and environmental challenges head on have access to strategies, tools, and networks that enable positive change – and are safe from attack wherever they live and work.

And we envision social change institutions of all kinds competing to build lean learning cultures and adapting their practices to constantly changing political, social and economic winds – as if their very existence depended upon it.

Our vision is a thriving network of emergent, nontraditional leaders and practitioners collaborating across organisations, movements, and geographies to continuously adapt, innovate, and achieve greater impact. This includes campaigners, technologists, academics, and researchers experimenting with new and emerging practices and technologies that accelerate social change.

Organising and Action - Our RootsOur experience guiding one of the world’s largest advocacy organisations through the process of rewiring itself for 21st century campaigning taught us that no amount of trainings or leadership decisions can accomplish that on their own; successfully transforming teams and organisations depends upon enabling the full potential of networks of staff, allies, and individuals.

Long-Term Results

To build the next generation of high impact campaigns and organisations, we must:

  • Foster greater peer learning between and among individuals, organisations, and movements to accelerate continuous applied learning across traditional silos and divides.
  • Build a diverse global network of capacity builders – and open resources – that can meet the growing demand for training and support on modern campaigning and advocacy.
  • Bolster organisational leaders with the peer and professional support they need to drive organisational transformations that change internal cultures, behaviors, and systems for effective digital-era, people-powered campaigning.
  • Pilot new practices, tactics, and technologies that have sector-wide potential for generating impact at increasingly great scales.
  • Develop stronger talent pipelines and leadership pathways for next-generation campaigning.

By delivering on the above, we believe we can achieve the collective impact needed for our shared vision of a just, peaceful, sustainable world.