Beyond the First Click:

How Today’s Volunteers are Building Power for Movements and NGOs

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MobLab is a global innovation, training, and research hub dedicated to enabling a diverse network of changemakers to build a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. Amidst growing threats — to people, the planet, and the very right to advocate for change — we equip campaigners around the world with the strategies, tools, tactics, and partners needed to win in the digital era.


We’re sharing stories of campaign innovation, experimentation, and learning from a global network of changemakers and practitioners.
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We convene collaborative spaces and participant-led events where campaigners around the globe can collaborate, plan and learn from one another. (We also like to share news of other interesting events for our network.)

CampaignCon 2016

22 October  2016

An unprecedented mix of campaigners and activists from over 40 nations gathered near Barcelona to share expertise, build networks and grow campaign capacity.


Reports, training materials, toolkits and other materials for campaigners, strategists and advocacy leaders.

Beyond the First Click

Beyond the First Click: How Today’s Volunteers Build Power for Movements and NGOs

Beyond the First Click examines innovative volunteer engagement work by…
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Open Campaigns - kayaktivists in Seattle

6 Elements of Open Campaigns

There are no set rules or definitions for open campaigns,…
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