Reports, training materials, toolkits and other materials for campaigners, strategists and advocacy leaders.

Online Course - learn to build people powered campaigns

Online Course: How to Create People-Powered Campaigns

Get started with our free online course.
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Beyond the First Click
Open Campaigns - kayaktivists in Seattle

Six Elements of Open Campaigns

Six questions aimed at helping campaigners assess and plan open campaign strategies.
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Mobilisation Cookbook

The Mobilisation Cookbook

Everything (almost) you wanted to know about “people powered” campaigns at Greenpeace.
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How Mod is Your Mob?

How Mod is your Mob?

Checklist for assessing your team's mobilisation and engagement readiness.
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People's Climate March

10 Ways People Power Can Change the World

Dozens of real-life examples of people power at work around the world.
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Beyond Vanity Metrics
Anatomy of People Powered Campaigns

The Anatomy of People-Powered Campaigns

People power campaigns with vision, collaboration, data & nimble action.
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