Campaign Planning Frameworks

Winning campaigns offer a bold vision, tell a compelling story, and engage people in meaningful ways. Check out these frameworks to guide and assess your work.

Campaigning Needs and Trends

What campaigners need today is not the same as yesterday. Take a look at some of our reports on the challenges faced by those advocating change.

Engaging People

It takes a movement of many to create and sustain a better world. Learn more about integrating people power into advocacy campaigning.

Measuring Impact

How can we effectively capture and communicate our successes in changemaking? Dig in for a few ideas.

Organisation and Team Dynamics

Nimble and creative teams are a product of open, collaborative and well-structured environments. Learn more about how to build and sustain such a working culture.

Safety and Security

Campaigning for change can be risky work. Check out some strategies for staying safe.

Storytelling and Content

An effective campaign tells a compelling story that inspires action and shifts values, beliefs and behaviours. Check out these tips and tricks to create one.

Understanding the Problem

To create lasting change, we must look deeper to understand the root cause of the problem we’re trying to solve. Here are some tools to map a campaign issue.