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Suddenly, grassroots-led campaign platforms are everywhere. Ever since the spectacular growth of in 2011, people are starting petitions and running their own campaigns like never before — saving hospitals, stopping industrial dumping, and creating real change in their communities.

What is the real impact of all these campaigns? What does it mean for the future of social change? What lessons can we learn about how to be successful? We asked the minds behind the biggest grassroots-led campaign platforms these questions, and more.

The answers are contained in our new report, Grassroots-led Campaigns: Lessons from the new frontier of grassroots-powered campaigning, authored by veteran progressive digital strategist Colin Holtz, and drawing upon interviews with,,, 38 Degrees, CampaignsByYou, CREDO Mobilize, GetUp! CommunityRun, and more.

“These new campaigns are popping up everywhere. But the whole model is not well-understood. We set out to understand what’s really happening, and how — and came out a bit surprised by the answers.”
— Colin Holtz, report author

“Using new insight to put everyday people at the center of campaigns is what the Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace is all about. Organizations won’t just learn a lot from this report — they’ll be able to immediately apply its lessons and hopefully rethink how they work with their members and supporters.”
— Michael Silberman, Mobilisation Lab Global Director

Presented in a quick and digestible slide deck format, the report is intended for a range of audiences, from executive directors seeking a quick overview, to practitioners searching for best practices, to media outlets and individuals looking for a better understanding of this rapidly growing model.

You can download the full report here.

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