Four lessons the COVID-19 crisis can teach us about data-driven storytelling
World Economic Forum | 23 June 2020
“As Michael Silberman of MobLab, a non-profit group that coaches organizations in effective campaigning for social and environmental causes, notes: “We’re well trained to think about what kind of laws and policies we need to change, but we forget this equally important work [needed] to change the stories that define our society.””

Can NGOs and social movements be authentic allies?
Open Democracy | 28 January 2020
Op-ed by Michael Silberman. Self-serving, co-opting and damaging behavior by campaigners is possible – but not inevitable.

The Nonprofit Trust Crisis
The Chronicle of Philanthropy | 7 January 2020
“If you design many roles for many people, it becomes clear to everyone that ‘for this to succeed, I’m going to have to participate,’ ” Silberman says. “It also builds trust that is more durable than the traditional ‘We’ll do the work, and you cheer us on and give us the money.’ ”

Too Many Democrats? Or Maybe Just Enough to Create the Next Political Tech Revolution
Campaigns & Elections | 26 June 2019
“Look for super PACs and other outside groups to create new tech and new startups as well…Startups might grow from work even farther afield: Greenpeace spun off its Mobilisation Lab (headed by a Dean ’04 alum) to consult with international advocacy campaigns several years ago.”

The Future of Transnational NGO Advocacy 
Stanford Social Innovation Review | 20 May 2019
“Some Greenpeace national offices, for instance, have started experimenting with ‘distributed campaigning,’ delegating power to Greenpeace members to start their own campaigns online through Greenpeace’s website. Greenpeace International also established MobLab to develop in-house expertise on digital, distributed campaigning. MobLab is now independent, and advises and runs workshops for other NGOs worldwide.”

What Advocacy Organizations Need to Win Today
The Chronicle of Philanthropy | 27 March 2019
“Through my organization’s work with advocacy groups around the world, we have identified three areas in which social-change organizations (and the grant makers who support them) can better meet today’s challenges at the scale required to achieve lasting impact,” writes MobLab Global Director Michael Silberman.

Five Ways New Movement Leaders Are Effecting Change
openDemocracy | 15 November 2018
A republication of MobLab Global Director Michael Silberman’s original piece Four ways nonprofits are learning from #MarchForOurLives, #KeepFamiliesTogether and a new wave of people-powered action.

Civil Society and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Nesta | 25 October 2018
“Although we have seen an encouraging increase in the use of some tools, like platforms for fundraising, there is plenty of evidence that charities, trade unions, community groups and the social economy are being left behind. Fortunately several organisations are now working to tackle this skills deficit […] examples include the Mobilisation Lab, which began within Greenpeace International and works with campaigning organisations to help bring them into the twenty-first century.”

5 Ways New Movement Leaders Are Effecting Change
YES! Magazine | 16 October 2018
A republication of MobLab Global Director Michael Silberman’s original piece Four ways nonprofits are learning from #MarchForOurLives, #KeepFamiliesTogether and a new wave of people-powered action.

A Group Born at Greenpeace Spreads Ideas About Grass-Roots Advocacy
Chronicle of Philanthropy | 14 June 2018
“The MobLab story holds important lessons for other advocacy organizations that want to pump up their people power — and reach supporters and potential activists more effectively and inexpensively.”

The MobLab: Interview with Michael Silberman
Advancing Philanthropy magazine | Spring 2018
This edition is all about “Rebels, Renegades, and Pioneers” and MobLab is the lead story. We share thoughts on what others can learn from our work guiding Greenpeace through their transition to a new era of campaigning and how teams/ orgs can adapt to a rapidly changing landscape.

Accelerating social change campaigns with Moblab’s Michael Silberman
The Great Battlefield Podcast | 24 January 2018
Michael Silberman, MobLab Global Director, joins The Great Battlefield to discuss the new campaign models Moblab is designing to accelerate social change movements worldwide.

Open Campaigns at Greenpeace: Building network power and “an Army of Davids” to fight the new Goliaths
Working Open | 20 December 2016
Author and Mozilla Fellow Matt Thompson speaks with Michael Silberman about MobLab’s work advancing innovation at Greenpeace. “Do we want people to cheer us on from the sidelines? Or are we about building a movement and network of activists?”

Growing Change @Greenpeace with the MobLab
Whole Whale Podcast | 19 August 2015
We talk with the Whole Whale podcast about changemaking inside Greenpeace.

Silberman: “Wir vernachlässigen die Mitte der Spenderpyramide”
Fundraiser Magazine | 10 April 2015
A German-language conversation about the next generation of campaigns and what NGOs can learn from the game industry.

Plug in, act out — how tech is transforming the environmental movement
E&E Greenwire | 18 April 2014

Civil Society and Significant Change—Are We Ready?
Stanford Social Innovation Review | 21 June 2013

Hyper Island students to co-create Greenpeace’s next forest campaign
Creative Boom | 21 June 2013

Transforming Greenpeace to Win Big in the Post-Broadcast Era
MIT Center for Civic Media | 11 October 2012 

Nonprofits Know Campaigning Better than Politicos
In the Capital | 24 April 2012

Greenpeace Experiments With Technology Team Structure
Chronicle of Philanthropy | 5 April 2012 

How Nonprofits Can Encourage Digital Innovation
Open Society Foundations | 28 March 2012