Nim Ralph is a trainer, facilitator, writer and activist with over 15 years experience in social movements. Nim has led campaigns for trans & queer rights, environmental justice and anti-racism in the UK. They work internationally with grassroot activist groups, campaign organisations and NGOs to train, facilitate and support organisational strategy and campaign strategy through the lens of anti-oppression. They are particularly committed to Direct Education, understanding group culture, and transformative processes. In addition to this, they are the designer of multiple activist training programmes with an approach to education that centres relationship and connection. They are the Lead Trainer at Campaign Bootcamp where they develop and steer both programme curriculum and trainer development, including creating and running UNPACKED; a movement trainer fellowship programme. They have been a long term strategic advisor to groups including Greenpeace International, NEON, 38 Degrees, Stand.Earth, LeadNow, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Tipping Point UK and Transgender Europe.

Nim serves on the Mobilisation Lab Collective Board.