Already have facilitation expertise and want to give the Campaign Accelerator a try, or just want to take a closer look at the methods and templates to see what might be useful to you?

We’ve produced the following guides for each of the five modules — Define, Sense, Create, Prototype, and Plan. Each module corresponds to a day of the campaign planning process described in more detail here.

Each guide contains step-by-step instructions and facilitation tips as well as printable templates for each exercise.

We’ve also included a sample five-day agenda to use as a starting point, but how you use these tools is up to you.

You can break it down and develop your plan over a longer period or select a few tools and methods to create a campaign in a day to respond to current events. In reality you’ll find the process is not linear; you may revisit these tools and techniques many times as you learn and develop the campaign based on feedback.

If you take a look and this seems great but you want more support, check out our workshop and training pages.

Module Guides

Sample Agenda

View or download (PDF) a sample agenda.

Campaign Accelerator Exercise Templates

Each day/module includes worksheets and exercise templates which you can print. Scroll through the list below to view these materials.

Day 1: Define

Problem Diagram A0
Problem Diagram A4

Context Map A0
Context Map A4

System Map A0
System Map A4

The Iceberg A1
The Iceberg A4

Systems Campaigning Toolkit

Who Will You Work With A1
Who Will You Work With A4

Campaign Canvas A0
Campaign Canvas A4

Day 2: Sense

Persona Worksheet A1
Persona Worksheet A4

Framing Worksheet A1
Framing Worksheet A4

Questioning Worksheet A1
Questioning Worksheet A4

Interview Worksheet A1
Interview Worksheet A4

Insight Statements Worksheet A1
Insight Statements Worksheet A4

First Focus Questions Worksheet A1
First Focus Questions Worksheet A4

Focus Questions Based on Insights Worksheet A1
Focus Questions Based on Insights Worksheet A4

Focus Questions Mash-Up Worksheet A1
Focus Questions Mash-Up Worksheet A4

Focus Questions Formula Worksheet A1
Focus Questions Formula Worksheet A4

Day 3: Create

Creative Model A0
Creative Model A4

Idea Generation A1
Idea Generation A4

Idea Evaluation & Selection A1
Idea Evaluation & Selection A4

Idea Development A1
Idea Development A4

Idea Concretisation A1
Idea Concretisation A4

Revolutionary Matrix Diagram A1
Revolutionary Matrix Diagram A4

Day 4: Prototype

What to Prototype Worksheet A1
What to Prototype Worksheet A4

Prototype Testing Worksheet A1
Prototype Testing Worksheet A4

Prototype Debrief Worksheet A1
Prototype Debrief Worksheet A4

Day 5: Plan & Pitch

Creating a Call to Action Worksheet A1
Creating a Call to Action Worksheet A4

Detailed Engagement Pyramid A1
Detailed Engagement Pyramid A4

YOUR Engagement Pyramid Worksheet A0
YOUR Engagement Pyramid Worksheet A4

Open Campaigning Handout A1
Open Campaigning Handout A4

Creating Team Culture Worksheet A0
Creating Team Culture Worksheet A4