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Akshey Kalra, Online Offline Campaigner at Greenpeace India.

From Let’s Do it Delhi! to Junglistan, Akshey is mobilising India.

When we caught up with Akshey Kalra, he filled us in on his current focus as Online Offline Campaigner at Greenpeace in India. Akshey is working on the online-offline strand of the biggest project in India — getting a moratorium on mining that nation’s biologically diverse forests. Basically, keep large-scale coal mining from destroying forests.

Akshey has been working as a campaigner since early 2012 and was a social media officer at Greenpeace for two years before that. If you’ve spent time in Delhi you may have run across the “Let’s Do It! Delhi” campaign. Yep, Akshey helped start that with a few friends.

You can find Akshey on Twitter at @aksheykalra. Let’s find out more about Akshey and his mobilisation work.

What is one thing about that you that nobody knows? Well, maybe your mom knows.

I used to be bullied a lot.

What is the most interesting campaign you’ve worked on?

Junglistan (the current campaign to protect India’s forests from coal mining — find out more in an earlier Mobilisation Lab story and check out the newly launched Junglistan campaign site).
When it comes to campaigning and mobilisation, what’s your favorite tool or technology?

Social Media

Offline campaigning is a big part of our work. Do you have an approach or technique for offline work that you’ve found most useful?

Always ride the wave generated by external realities. Mobilisation is a lot about rapid response.

What’s the biggest challenge you face doing mobilisation work at Greenpeace?

Bureaucracy and processes

Is there a great untold mobilisation story that you can share with us?

We have enlarged our team and had to mobilise the organisation into hiring people to do engagement. Once we hired people, we mobilised the recruits instead of training them. Result –  for the current campaign, our engagement is increasing many more folds than the petition signature. People writing blogs, doing art for us, social media reach multipying out of control.

What coming next (in tech, mobilisation, campaigning) that you’re most excited about?

Twitter bomb (actually, this happened just last week). We will get a large number of people to tweet the about the forests and make the forests trend.

What’s your favorite Internet meme?

Still in love with the lol cats (I just prefer tigers as cats 😉 ).

Pirates or Ninjas?


What’s your one word (or phrase) advice to someone just getting into mobilisation campaigns now?

Engagement over Numbers. Quality over Quantity.

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