MobLab can build Campaign Accelerator workshops to support your campaigns and teams.

Let’s set up a chat if:

  • You’re planning a campaign, and the team is ready for a new approach.
  • You’re part of a multi-stakeholder project, where outside facilitation of a collaborative approach would lead to more productive outcomes.
  • You’re a consultant working with an organisation that could benefit from this blend of strategy, cross-team collaboration, and audience-centric thinking

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Please note: We do our best to accommodate schedules, but our current availability is limited due to demand.

Campaign Accelerator


The Campaign Accelerator is a five-day workshop, broken up over a weekend (typically Thursday-Wednesday).

We are also glad to discuss how specific modules of the Accelerator may be useful to your team or project. Those could be (in some combination):

  • Strategy day: For teams struggling to align on the specific problem(s) they’re trying to address, or figuring out the best leverage points to do so.
  • Sensing day: For teams that need methods and facilitation to get out and talk with key audiences to gain insights that can be applied to the campaign.
  • Idea generation day: For teams that need someone to come in and spur some creativity to generate campaign concepts and tactics.
  • Prototyping day: For teams with a good sense of strategy and tactics, struggling with how to test their concepts before investing too much time and energy into them.


Costs vary based on number of participants and location. We are committed to movement-friendly pricing.

Email to set up an introductory conversation.

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Campaign Accelerator workshops can be built around your needs and schedule