As news spreads on the Internet, supporters from all over Taiwan continue to stream in to the Legislation Yuan. Photo from JANEZCHOU. CC: NC.

Our roundup of links to innovative and interesting mobilisation campaigns that caught our eye (and yours) in the past few weeks:

Grassroots-led campaign stops national TV Monsanto-linked series

Mounting citizen protests and a grassroots citizen-led campaign stopped New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) from launching a campaign and TV series that was in collaboration with U.S. agri-biotech giant Monsanto.

Activist Anantha Sayanan and GreenpeaceX (or Greenpeace extra) started a signature campaign against the partnership, charging Monsanto of crime against nature, rights of farmers and consumers that led to more than 2,600 signatures. Citizens also made critical comments on the NDTV campaign’s Facebook page. NDTV stopped their campaign and the TV series has been stalled. Via and Hat tip to Pari Trivedi for alerting us of this story.

People power app tracks global movements

The International Center for Non-Violent Conflict (ICNC) created a People Power App for the iPhone/iPod Touch that will help campaigners and organizers stay connected globally.

The free mobile app provides access to ICNC’s educational and research materials, as well as information on its latest activities. Users can subscribe to the latest news on people’s movements across the globe, read backgrounds on current and past non-violent struggles and play the People Power game simulation to engage your own strategic planning for social movements. Via and

Taiwan protesters, supporters spread #CongressOccupied message

Protesters stormed Taiwan’s legislature on March 18 demanding a full public review of the Cross-Strait Service Agreement with China after ruling party lawmakers pushed the bill through committee, without a promised clause-by-clause review.

Some fear the trade agreement between Taiwan and China could pose a threat to Taiwanese culture, freedom of expression and even national security. Protesters and their supporters are using the hashtag #CongressOccupied on Twitter and Facebook to spread the message about their legislation occupation, and the protest is being broadcast live on Ustream with the live-cast mirrored in Japan. Via Global Voices Online.

Right2Water citizen petition prompts EU to act

Close to 1.9-million European citizens signed the Right2Water campaign’s petition calling for the human right to water and sanitation implementation in European law. The first-ever successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) — designed to bring lawmaking closer to citizens requiring one million signatures across at least seven EU countries — was brought before the European Union executive and met with a pledge to act.

The European Commission, which drafts legislation for the EU, is to consult with the public about changing the law. Right2Water campaign organizers are looking for legislation proposals and are stressing political parties commit to legislative initiatives. The initiative required citizens to register their passport number when signing the petition and is expected to be followed by others, such as a movement to protect the human embryo. ViaReuters and  Hat tip to Juergen Kknirsch  for alerting us of this story.

Artist’s realistic body painting highlights physical rights

Amnesty International commissioned a Tokyo-based artist to prepare new designs for its My Body My Rights campaign. The artist, 20-year-old Hikaru Cho, uses body painting to create realistic effects.

The campaign, emphasizing sexual and reproductive rights, launched on March 6 ahead of International Women’s Day with a series of Hikaru’s body-painting images. The images create a lifelike 3D effect on the models’ skin. The paintings each present a different physical right, such as making a models’ face appear through a cracked shell to highlight violence and emotional scars. Via

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Top photo: As news spreads on the Internet, supporters from all over Taiwan continue to stream in to the Legislation Yuan. Photo from JANEZCHOU. CC: NC.