From big listening platforms like Radian6 to email testing tools like 8seconds, we’re working with Greenpeacers everywhere to experiment with new tools and tactics and see if they add value to our work and campaigns.

We’re using this page to track tools being tested and share thoughts on how useful the tools have been to folks we know who’ve tried them.

Have something you think we should take for a test drive? Or a tool you’ve experimented with that’s not on here? Let us know!

Tools we’ve recently tried, are trying now, and/or are using widely:


Tool purpose: Optimize in-email graphics and photos for each send.

  • Greenpeace Greece is currently testing this email optimization service.


Tool purpose: ActionSprout is a petition tool within Facebook that allows users to sign your action with one click.

  • Currently being tested by several offices as part of a 3-month unlimited trial.
  • Offices are seeing better-than-normal action and conversion rates (measured against a traditional petition post on Facebook).
  • However, fewer signers are providing phone number, which is a crucial piece of information for Greenpeace offices who want to follow up offline (in one test, 34% of action takers filled in a phone number, compared to 50% on a normal petition).


Tool purpose: Create an organization- or campaign-specific, grassroots-led petition platform.

  • Currently in use by Greenpeace India, and Greenpeace Greece is planning to deploy it on an upcoming campaign. Other campaigns are also in discussions to try and use.
  • Generally a well-liked way to enable supporters to start petition-based campaigns. More on those campaigns here.

A screenshot from the GreenpeaceX homepage. GreenpeaceX is a project of Greenpeace India built using ControlShift tools.


Tool purpose: Track virality of Facebook content, and discover relevant content going viral.

  • Currently in use in most Greenpeace offices.
  • Widely used to track social media content that’s going viral.
  • Widely used as a reporting/learning mechanism within Greenpeace to see which content is doing best.

Little Bird

Tool purpose: Discover social media influencers on defined subjects.

  • The MobLab tested this influencer-monitoring tool during the Arctic 30 situation, to see if there were interesting influencers on Russian policy that would be worth targeting; unfortunately, none of the results were particularly different than what a couple Google & Topsy searches would uncover.


Tool purpose: Easy a/b testing for webpages.

  • 23 offices currently use Optimizely.
  • Supports quick and nimble A/B site testing for the organization.
  • Widely used to test different layouts, messages and asks to optimize Greenpeace organization sites and campaign microsites.
  • Downside: It’s hosted on Amazon Web Services, which makes it problematic as a long-term solution.


Tool purpose: Internet-wide (nearly) listening tool, based on defined keywords.

  • Lots of offices using Radian6 — some doing brand monitoring.
  • A few using for broader “big listening,” monitoring broader trends in the online conversation and finding moments to insert ourselves.
  • Biggest downside is hefty price tag.


Tool purpose: Optimize social sharing following online actions.

  • A couple of offices have tested the A/B share text functionality, though the ROI hasn’t seemed high enough.
  • The US office is currently testing its full-on optimized share page & share text testing functionality.
  • The English-only nature of the tool limits how many offices can try it out, for now.


Tool purpose: Social media analytics.

  • From a Greenpeace social media strategist: “While it’s a really nice and easy tool to use, that helps makes sense of a lot of analytics, I found them just too pricy for what they bring.”


Tool purpose: Online listening (like Radian6).

  • Brazilian office using in lieu of Radian6, with great results.


Tool purpose: Ask supporters to “donate” tweets and Facebook posts to a specific campaign.

  • Currently in use for the Save the Arctic campaign in English and Spanish.
  • Greenpeace Argentina has successfully used the tool to get topics trending on twitter.


Tool purpose: Twitter listening.

  • 20+ offices using TopsyPro, and generally highly reviewed.
  • Unfortunately, TopsyPro is no longer accepting new subscribers.

Tools we’re watching carefully and hoping to test soon:

Send us your ideas for more!