iPhone at New York City vigil for Trayvon Martin. Photo by Timothy Krause/Flickr. CC 2.0.

Back in 2014, we provided first-hand feedback on several new mobilisation technology and campaigning tools deployed across the global Greenpeace community.

We’re continually talking to and working with campaigners around the globe and want a place to keep tabs on  – and share – what we’re seeing and learning about the latest mobilisation technology tools and apps.

Can you help with feedback and updates in the comments below or on Twitter (tag it #MobTech)? Tell us what you’re using, what your experience has been like and what looks interesting.

Every item includes [on radar] or [in use] as a way to indicate if we or colleagues have direct experience with the tool.


What it is: A video and storytelling platform where anyone can create an impact campaign around an inspiring video of any length to crowdfund, start a petition, make a behavioural pledge, or share.

Why it’s interesting: Could be a new way for people to integrate storytelling into their campaigning and spur people to action. [on radar]


What it is: A “Kickstarter” for good causes.

Why it’s interesting: Cause-focused crowdfunding is increasing; great if it can be done on a mission-aligned platform. [on radar]

Change Heroes

What it is: A video powered, peer-to-peer fundraising platform.

Why it’s interesting: Peer-to-peer fundraising is still tricky for many causes. Perhaps this can help some break through. [on radar]

Crimson Hexagon

What it is: Social listening and analytics platform.

Why it’s interesting: Good value for functionality for nonprofits looking at monitoring their own brand as well as listening to broader conversations of interest to them. [in use]


What it is: Edge Pledge allows people to raise money for endangered wildlife by pledging to complete the most popular of three dares, as voted by their friends, family and supporters.

Why it’s interesting: Experiment in motivation for action. [on radar]


What it is: Threshold lets you join like-minded friends and vote with our dollars – to be heard and win action from the institutions and businesses that impact your life. You make an an ask of an organization, and pledge to spend at that organization if they make your change. Others match your pledge to show their support. Pledges are only charged if the organization takes the action called for by your group.

Why it’s interesting: Great way to experiment with pressuring retailers to drive change. [on radar]


What it is: Spendrise allows you to back up a call for change with your spending. When a the target makes a change, the petitioner buys a gift card to the target.

Why it’s interesting: As with Threshold, this could be a great way to pressure retailers and aggregate consumer power. [on radar]


What it is: Sophisticated tool for website testing and optimisation.

Why it’s interesting: Optimizely was an early innovator in this space; it’s great to see some competitors! [on radar]

Top photo: iPhone at New York City vigil for Trayvon Martin. Photo by Timothy Krause/Flickr. CC BY 2.0