One of the images shared in light of Justin Bieber's arrest. (Via Facebook: UndocuMemes)

Our roundup of links to innovative and interesting mobilisation campaigns that caught our eye (and yours) in the past few weeks:

Typhoon victims 10K strong at ‘people surge’ protest

More than 10,000 typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines convened for a ‘People Surge’ protest to condemn the slow arrival of relief and rehabilitation efforts in their communities. Participants are complaining about the lack of government assistance in restoring homes and livelihoods of the storm’s victims, which was the world’s strongest storm of 2013.

In addition they are opposing the ‘No Build Zone’ policy which they claim will lead to the displacement of thousands of residents in coastal areas. The ‘People Surge’ is also an alliance of typhoon Haiyan victims mainly from the provinces of Leyte and Samar.

The ‘People Surge’ first assembled in a public university and then marched around the city of Tacloban. Via GlobalVoices

Residents hold improvised placards declaring their opposition to the ‘No Build Zone’ policy. Photo from Tudla

UndocuYouth respond to Bieber with #Undeportable selfies

When news spread of Canadian pop star Justin Bieber’s arrest by Florida police spread, the Internet responded with the hashtag #DeportBieber. UndocuYouth found itself with the question of whether to support the star.

The questions around racial disparities when it comes to interaction with immigrant enforcement was raised, for example in a commentary by Perna Lal at Racefiles. Multiple people used edited selfies showing them with blonde hair and the hashtag #Undeportable to join the conversation. Via BuzzFeed

Journalists join selfie campaign in support of Al Jazeera reporters

Journalists worldwide are protesting the muzzling of Al Jazeera’s staff in Egypt as the detainment of its journalists enter a second month. The hashtag #FreeAJStaff and #JournalismIsNotTerrorism is widely used.

Members of The Foreign Correspondents’ Association of East Africa, of which Al Jazeera correspondent Peter Greste is a member, organized many of the photos. Among those who posted photos from their personal Twitter accounts in support of #FreeAJStaff are prominent journalists from Channel 4 News, ABC, the BBC and The Wall Street Journal. The hashtag is growing with the photo campaign, with nearly 9,000 uses in 24 hours. Via Al

Singers launch music campaign for peace in northeast

Two singers launched a musical campaign for peace in the northeast at a recent event in the city of Imphal, India.

Manipur-based musician and folk singer Guru Rewben Mashangva and Imphal Talkies singer Sachidananda Angom launched the campaign for change under the theme “Winning Peace Together.”

Mashangva noted he likes an acoustic sound, because his music and thoughts are simple. Angom said music can be “seen as something that bridges the gap between different kinds of people, ethnicities.” Via

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Top photo: One of the images shared in light of Justin Bieber’s arrest. (Via Facebook: UndocuMemes)