Our roundup of links to  innovative and interesting mobilisation campaigns that caught our eye (and yours) in the past few weeks:

2M take part in global march against Monsanto #MAM

On May 25th, two million people took part in the global March Against Monsanto, representing a truly global movement with protests in six continents, 52 countries, and 436 cities.

The event — a social media-generated call to action against genetically modified foods and the multinational corporations that produce them — marked the first such global, unified protest for this cause, organizers said. Via Everyday Rebellion and Planetsave

Facebook Responds to 15 Companies Dropping Advertising Over Domestic Violence Content

A petition started by Women, Action & the Mediathe Everyday Sexism Project and author/activist Soraya Chemaly has prompted Facebook to review and improve its policies on gender-based hate speech.

The campaign was launched just over a week ago and since then participants have sent over 60,000 tweets and 5,000 emails. The coalition has grown to over 100 women’s movement and social justice organizations.

15 major companies have pulled their advertising as a result, including online bank Nationwide UK, Nissan UK, and J Street.

One week later, Facebook has responded with an important commitment to refine its approach to hate speech. Via Techilicious

A million heroes for the Arctic

Gamification, a Turkish celebrity partnership, and more are getting a million Turkish people to act for the Arctic. The camaign has collected more than 400,00 signatures so far. 1 Milyon Kahraman

Sod the poor –  take your money offshore

A new website by ActionAid U.K. is mocking corporations for dodging their bills in the world’s poorest countries. The campaign is asking supporters to sign a petition calling on David Cameron to put an end to tax havens and to make sure that the poorest countries benefit when he chairs the G8 summit on June 17-18.

Petition building for young rapper imprisoned over ‘terrorist threat’

More than 85,000 people have signed a petition calling for Cameron D’Ambrosio’s release after he was jailed for writing what police call “Communicating a Terrorist Threat” on Facebook. The campaign, run by the Center for Rights, has more than 1.5 million views, with almost all of the growth coming from people sharing on Facebook.

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