The rain may have been pouring down, but spirits were high as over 130 campaigners, communicators and digital specialists came together yesterday for Day One of the 2014 Digital Mobilisation Skillshare (DMS).

This third annual DMS brings together Greenpeace staff, volunteers and allies from 45 different countries, speaking over 30 different languages, all committed to taking their mobilisation skills to the next level.

The hills of the Umbrian countryside provide a stunning and inspiring backdrop to an intense four days of thinking and planning.

Whose agenda is it anyway?

The focus on the first morning was on getting to know one another, and on additional work to ‘hack’ an agenda that has been slowly taking shape over the last weeks and months.

The agenda has drawn all topics and sessions from partipants themselves to make sure the content is fully focused on their experience and their objectives, using a powerful ‘co-creation’ format.

Woman looking at post it notes arranged on a window.

Brainstorming agenda ideas and sorting them thematically puts control of the agenda firmly in the hands of participants.

Participants have been invited to propose ideas for sessions in the run up to the event to ‘track leads’ for four thematic tracks: Leadership, Campaign pitching, Building a network and Raising the bar, with the opportunity to suggest new session ideas as the event goes on.

So today we’ve discussed themes including Crowdfunding, Technology for mass engagement, Techniques for pitching edgy campaigns and Using video for mobilisation.

As facilitator Allen Gunn puts it, “No death by powerpoint. No death by reportback. The focus is on collaboration and conversation, not slide decks. You can go to YouTube for that.”

It’s an inspiring and appropriate format; a people-powered event to talk about people-powered campaigns.

Find out more about the DMS, and follow photos, tweets and news from the event.

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