Photo by Flickr user thierry ehrmann. CC BY 2.0

ChangeMakers Podcast

Hosted by Amanda Tattersall

What would you do if someone wanted to illegally concrete over your local park, and build an apartment block on it? And what would you do if the authorities supported the illegal construction?

In the sixth episode of the ChangeMakers Podcast, we look at how to organise genuine opposition in a place where the one thing they hate is genuine opposition. How a small protest against the destruction of a local park turned into a mass movement that’s sweeping Russia.

ChangeMakers and MobLab

MobLab is proud to be the launch partner of the ChangeMakers Podcast, a weekly half-hour series that tells global stories of ordinary people working together to create positive change and the lessons they learn along the way. It’s hosted by activist and social change leader Dr. Amanda Tattersall.

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Top photo: Photo by Flickr user thierry ehrmann. CC BY 2.0