ChangeMakers Podcast

Hosted by Amanda Tattersall

Sometimes it’s a strength to not know too much about how something is usually done.

In the third episode of the ChangeMakers Podcast, we see women who had very little experience, entering male-dominated spaces and smashing it. By disrupting the business-as-usual approach, their innovations have had lasting impact.

The first story is about mothers who are standing up to the gun lobby in the USA, and the second is about the women on the frontline of terrorism in Kenya.

ChangeMakers and MobLab

MobLab is proud to be the launch partner of the ChangeMakers Podcast, a weekly half-hour series that tells global stories of ordinary people working together to create positive change and the lessons they learn along the way. It’s hosted by activist and social change leader Dr. Amanda Tattersall.

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Top photo: Moms Demand Action against gun violence St. Paul, Minnesota. 2 June 2018. Photo by Flickr user Fibonacci Blue. CC BY 2.0