Photo by Flickr user milena mihaylova. CC BY 2.0

ChangeMakers Podcast

Hosted by Amanda Tattersall

What does it take to improve the lives of millions of people?

The late Fred Hollows knew. He was known across the globe for his groundbreaking work in disrupting the global medical establishment, and his legacy lives on among the doctors he inspired. His most famous student, Dr. Sanduk Ruit, has helped bring sight to over 125,000 people and trained thousands more doctors. In the process, he has directly improved the lives of millions of people.

But what does it take to achieve transformation at this kind of scale? We explore the question in the eighth episode of the ChangeMakers Podcast.

ChangeMakers and MobLab

MobLab is proud to be the launch partner of the ChangeMakers Podcast, a weekly half-hour series that tells global stories of ordinary people working together to create positive change and the lessons they learn along the way. It’s hosted by activist and social change leader Dr. Amanda Tattersall.

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Top photo: Photo by Flickr user milena mihaylova. CC BY 2.0