In this first MobLab Live show we explore what buzzwords like “People-Power” and “Mobilisation” really mean. Since the Obama 2008 election and the rise of online groups, the potential to mobilise people to win bigger and quickly has become a central focus for grassroots groups and non-profits. But is there more to it than signing a petition and technological innovations? Is there a missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to empowering people to affect change themselves?

Joining the show is Hahrie Han, author of How Organizations Develop Activists. Greenpeace’s Dan Cannon is also joining us to speak about a new volunteer organising platform called Greenwire. Watch a recording of the show and check out the readings and resources below to learn more.

Live Q&A with #MobLabLive

A snapshot from Twitter of the conversation and questions on this MobLab Live conversation:

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