Andrea Sy

Consultant at Foundation

This article was republished with permission by the author and Foundation. 

1. Coalition-building: Collaborate with other committed individuals.

2. Planning: Decide what to accomplish and how.

We wanted to escalate the campaign to its decision-makers. So as a group, we hatched the idea of organising a digital protest on Twitter that would grant us as many supporters as all our social media accounts combined could reach. We agreed on a date, March 26th, and exchanged updates and ideas on what our organisations planned on doing and contributing to the campaign demonstration.

3. Communicating your message: Prepare your content.

4. Program-mapping: Envision what the demonstration will contain.

5. Engagement: Remember to interact with your supporters as you go.

6. Closing: Recap the events and keep the momentum going. Germany thanked Tonia Merz for leading this campaign and petition, and the 400,000 people who signed the petition, tweeting more than 5,000 times to make the #BasicIncomeNow campaign the #1 trend in Germany. They also thanked the German Federal Minister of Finances for responding publicly to the petition.

Andrea Sy

Consultant at Foundation, which delivers insights from supporting citizen-led social movements through data-driven campaigning.