Who’s at CampaignCon?

We welcomed 112 participants from 37 countries. Over 2/3 of participants represent the Global South.

What happens at CampaignCon?

CampaignCon spans two and a half days of collaborative working sessions. The agenda is designed as a combination of planned sessions and participant-driven discussions built out based on input from participants as we go.

The program is envisioned to enable deeper collaborations and learnings across the global network of participants in order to collectively improve our skills, strategies and impact in our respective causes and campaigns.

CampaignCon 2017 Photos, Stories and Daily Updates

Get caught up on everything that happened at CampaignCon and stories from the event. And check out tweets over at the #CampaignCon hashtag, too!

Thursday, 9 November

CampaignCon 2017 concluded with collaborative working sessions and a look at action items from the week. The group talked about next steps and how we work together to make post-event collaboration a reality. We wanted to share a few quotes from Thursday’s closing circle:

I now feel like I truly belong to a global community of campaigners who will share their skillsets with me and stand in solidarity for my cause. Aluta Continua!

Thanks to everyone for bringing their challenges, experiences, and vulnerabilities.

I appreciate the composition of this room. It’s unusual to have so many perspectives from the Global South in one place.

CampaignCon 2017 Group Photo

CampaignCon 2017 Participants

Wednesday, 8 November

Day 2 of CampaignCon included a Skillshare, Campaign Labs and continuation of participant-led workshops.


Nearly half of the participants gave in-depth looks at some of the campaigning skills they’ve acquired over the years. One or more people could join a skillshare and learn. Here are a few of the skills we shared (and some photos of the skillshare in action):

  • Use participatory action research as a way to collect data and mobilize communities.
  • How to facilitate a WhatsApp meeting.
  • Contar historias…para vincular personas as sus campanas (Spanish).
  • How a small group with small social media outreach can have larger reach using hashtags.
  • Creative behaviour change communications in campaigning.
  • Construire le pouvoir citoyen a partir des actions collectives (French).
  • How to campaign in an oppressive country/regime.
  • How to listen actively as a campaigner.
  • How to work with volunteers and create a distributed organization/campaign.

Tuesday, 7 November

Our first day featured a conversation about the state of Global campaigning: What’s working, not working (so well) and what’s missing. 

We also launched the first Campaign Bazaar. Participants had the opportunity to hear lessons from over a dozen different campaign projects around the world. Here’s a sample:

  • Ji-Activate: elevating Kenyan youth voices – lessons from cultural campaigning during an election
  • #AgainstAllOdds Somalia – How girls football is challenging social norms and advacning the rights of women
  • Uganda constitutional ammendment campaign to put an age limit on the President
  • Community-led climate change adaptation  – mixing traditional with new tactics in the Philippines

We also started participant-led working sessions with topics such as:

  • Adventures in culture change – experiences and lessons shifting orgs from staff-driven to people-centered work
  • Modeling threats to digital campaigns
  • Designing audience specific supporter journeys for campaigns
  • Success and failures using mobile messaging to mobilize and organize
  • Battling fake news: Strategies for campaigning in the era of misinformation
  • Strategic horizons: balancing short-term campaign goals vs long-term engagement goals
  • Weaving nonviolent direct action tactics to your campaign plan
  • Legal without lawyers – strategies for building professional skills into your campaign on a shoestring budget
  • Building data security and operational security into shared campaigns that rely on open collaboration
  • Designing with Drones – case studies and examples of drones in effective (or ineffective) campaigns
  • Campaigning without connectivity: surviving internet shutdowns
  • Campaign Chat Bots – sharing lessons and learnings in chatbots experiments for engagement and advocacy
  • Anti-gay crackdown in Chechnya: How All Out is changing our online-only model to work with local and international partners in providing direct relief for LGBT people.

CampaignCon 2017 Co-Conveners

CampaignCon 2017 Co-Conveners

CampaignCon 2017 Community Partners

What is CampaignCon?

CampaignCon is an annual global skill-sharing event where activists, technologists, organisations and social movements share ideas, co-create and hone good practices through participatory exploration of modern campaigning theory and practice.

Participants explore how to build a more nimble, responsive civil society that can mobilise and campaign more effectively in the digital era, in the face of growing authoritarianism, shrinking civic space and other threats.

The event includes three days of hands-on skill- and experience-sharing, focused on learning from one another to build capacity, foster innovation and further strengthen a global network that will continue collaborating following the event.

Find out more at CampaignCon.org.

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