Catch up on highlights and learnings from CampaignCon 2017, our global skill share bringing together campaigners, technologists and activists.

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Stories from CampaignCon 2017

MobLab put together a series of articles based on what we heard, learned and talked about with participants.

What is CampaignCon?

CampaignCon is an annual global skill-sharing event where activists, technologists, organisations and social movements share ideas, co-create and hone good practices through participatory exploration of modern campaigning theory and practice.

Participants explore how to build a more nimble, responsive civil society that can mobilise and campaign more effectively in the digital era, in the face of growing authoritarianism, shrinking civic space and other threats.

The event includes three days of hands-on skill- and experience-sharing, focused on learning from one another to build capacity, foster innovation and further strengthen a global network that will continue collaborating following the event.

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What happens at CampaignCon?

CampaignCon provides participants with an opportunity to dive into deep learning and collaboration with a global network of campaigners.

The agenda is designed as a combination of planned sessions and participant-driven discussions built out based on input from participants as we go.

Together, participants collectively improve skills, develop strategies and work together to scale the impact we have on the causes and campaigns affecting millions of people around the world.

Photos from CampaignCon 2017

CampaignCon 2017 Co-Conveners

CampaignCon 2017 Co-Conveners

CampaignCon 2017 Community Partners