Campaign Accelerator Facilitation Training in Hong Kong

Join us for Campaign Accelerator Facilitation Training from 29 November to 4 December, 2017, in Hong Kong.

Graduates of this five-day experiential course will have learned to:


Build a solid strategy that addresses your core issue,


Generate tested tactics to engage your key audiences,


Foster a team culture that embraces learning and iteration throughout a project cycle, and


Use collaborative methods that ensure full-team alignment.

The Campaign Accelerator Facilitation Training involves five dynamic working days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday) as well as a 90 minute virtual session before we gather in person. The curriculum also includes a personalized coaching session with one of our expert trainers.

During the training, participants will:


Explore and practice leading the four key modules: Define, Sense, Create, and Prototype.


Learn how to pull the component pieces generated during the week together into a full project plan based on project team needs.


Explore tools/techniques for building strong team collaboration.


Understand the role of the facilitator in the Accelerator process and practice facilitation, including the strategic use of games and energisers.


Join a peer support network of Campaign Accelerator facilitators around the world.

The training curriculum includes a mix of interactive sessions led by the training team and practice sessions designed and facilitated by participants.

Is this for me?

This training is ideal for those who:

  • Work directly with campaign teams or regularly help lead campaign planning processes.
  • Have capacity to prepare and deliver a 5 day workshop or equivalent with project teams.
  • Can support implementation and monitor impact of approach on campaign projects.
  • Have prior experience facilitating group strategy processes.
  • Are registering with a colleague or future facilitation “partner”; This process is best facilitated in teams, so you will get the most value from this training if you have other colleagues trained in the Campaign Accelerator methodology.

Note: This training is primarily geared toward campaigners from NGOs, but if you’re a professional facilitator and would like to come, please get in touch!

Date: 29 November to 4 December 2017
Location: 10/F, Stelux House,
698 Prince Edward Road East,
San Po Kong, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
(Greenpeace East Asia Office)
Cost: USD $2,500 (full rate) / $1,500 (subsidised) per person
Both rates include breakfast and lunch during training days. Questions about cost or program? Please contact us.

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What People Have Said About Previous Trainings

Essential training for any campaigner who wants to make a real difference in the world on the key issue they are working on.

Devadass Gnanapragasam,

Amnesty International

Totally changed my idea of campaigns! Stop thinking in year long blocks and start doing something now!

Caitlin Ryan,

Médecins Sans Frontières

Meet Your Facilitators

Tracy Frauzel

Tracy Frauzel

Tracy is an expert in facilitation and campaigning, having spent 18 years leading campaigns for Greenpeace globally. Most recently Frauzel has been guiding Greenpeace offices and project teams through the process of designing more innovative and effective people-powered campaigns through creative facilitation, human centered design, and strategic innovation. Frauzel holds a masters degree in design thinking.

David Roth

David Roth

David spent most of his professional career leading and facilitating data driven design and strategy interventions for global campaigns. For the UN, Oxfam and Greenpeace, David has led and facilitated strategy development including peace building initiatives, environmental campaigns and organisational long term global frameworks. More recently he designed, developed, and delivered custom learning experiences across six continents and various cultural contexts.