These are the guiding values and principles we seek to apply to all of our work (and relationships):

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion :: Knowledge sharing is most valuable when powered by people closest to the challenges; we elevate the voices of campaigners and practitioners who carry the greatest insights and have the most at stake. We honor regional differences while identifying patterns across movements and geographies. We value inclusion and welcome new campaigners of all kinds.

Global :: We need to share experiences and build connections across borders and traditional boundaries – because our struggles and futures are more interconnected than ever (see: climate, economic disparity, political extremism). Our increasingly connected world means that dangerous trends can spread as quickly as positive ones.

Networked Learning :: Knowledge exists across networks; it’s not concentrated in any one group or individual. That’s why we embrace and facilitate learning through peer practitioners. We’re committed to empowering and connecting campaigners to surface and share the best of what exists globally in a variety of inclusive, accessible, and sustainable peer knowledge formats.

Agility :: Campaigning in the modern world requires constant iteration: our landscape changes at breakneck pace. We embrace continuous learning over canonizing practices that expire or become quickly outdated. We emphasize field learning over book learning.

Open :: We welcome and support anyone working toward a more just, equitable, peaceful, and sustainable world. We aim to design experiences and assets that are adaptable – so that our peers can build, innovate, and adapt them to their local contexts.

Risk & Innovation :: We support risk-takers who want to try something unproven in service of advancing our shared progressive values. We offer organizations a place to test new approaches with lower institutional risks of public failure, wasted budget, or departmental reputation.