How has advocacy campaigning changed in the digital era? New technologies are enabling activists to connect, communicate, raise money, and engage in collective action at previously unimaginable speeds and scales.

In the face of these changes, some organisations are rapidly innovating. Others, however, are struggling to evolve.

How can we collectively adapt and scale up for better campaigns, stronger organisations, and bigger progressive change? Let’s discuss.

Join the conversation on VoiceVoice and collaborate with others around the globe to explore this important question and more.

This is not a webinar or lecture. In this 60-minute discussion, you and a group of peers will talk about:

  • The keys to saving the world in the era of social media
  • What advocacy organisations need to win today, and
  • The three barriers to organisational digital strategy

To feed the discussion, you’ll engage with content from thought leaders like PowerLabs Director Nicole Carty, Moblisation Lab Global Director Michael Silberman, and The Digital Plan Founder Brad Caldana.

No organisation or person can build a better world alone. Together we can strategise, adapt and scale to create the change we all urgently need.

Visit VoiceVoice to register and take part in the conversation.

You’ll receive selected readings and get connected with fellow advocacy campaigning folks to discuss, exchange and surface insights about how we can transform advocacy to better meet today’s challenges.

Top image: March for Our Lives in Ohio, USA. 24 March 2018. By Erik Drost via Flickr. CC BY 2.0