Campaigning in crisis doesn't have to be just reactionary.

Current crises are impacting everything around us —including how we campaign. Now isn’t the time to pause our collective social justice work; it’s a time to respond even more creatively, to work more collaboratively, and to listen and adapt more effectively. We have partnered with Mindworks Lab to bring you this public community call/workshop that will combine Mindworks’ deep research on how crises affect the mind and the different psychological phases that we go through in crises with MobLab Collective’s trademark immersive and participatory approach to developing winning, people-powered campaigning. This call is 2 hours long, free to join, and will take place on May 24th at 2 pm CET. We chose this time to accommodate the Americas/Asia/Africa timezones but we recognize that not everybody will be able to join, and we hope to offer similar public community calls/workshops in the future.

We’re facilitating this community call with the dual goals of (a) understanding and sharing our obstacles and goals of campaigning during crises and (b) surfacing relevant and practical experiences, practices, and resources.

After some context setting, we’ll get into small group discussions and model some online collaboration formats that we hope will be useful in your own work.

Register here.