What wins lasting change in today’s world? Nimble teams building creative and transformative advocacy campaigns that engage people in meaningful ways.

That’s why we developed the Campaign Accelerator, a collaborative planning process that blends tried and true strategy tools with the best of design thinking, lean start-up principles, and participatory approaches to problem solving. The result? Greater insight, innovation and alignment, leading to greater campaign success.

Want to learn how to lead your own team through this effective approach to campaign planning? Attend our next training in New York City from 16-20 March 2020.

Find out more about the Campaign Accelerator training, directly from past participants:

How It Works

The training is five days long, during which participants learn to:

  • Design a solid strategy that addresses the root causes of an issue
  • Generate and test ideas to engage key audiences
  • Foster a collaborative team culture that embraces learning and iteration throughout a project cycle
  • Integrate new practices into teams and organisations with established norms
  • Deliver an actionable campaign plan

This is a dynamic process. We brainstorm and experiment. We leave the training room and interact with our key audiences. We work together across disciplines and expertise, welcoming diverse perspectives.

The curriculum also includes a 90-minute virtual session before we gather in person and a personalised coaching session with one of our expert trainers. After the training, participants join a peer support network of Campaign Accelerator alumni around the world.

Learn about the training breakdown here.

The training really inspired us to rethink how we create change… Day by day I’m seeing differences in the way our teams are working together.

Marina Navarro Mongado

Executive Director, Amnesty International Peru


Campaign Accelerator trainings use a sliding scale based on organisational budget. We charge a higher rate to well-resourced groups to enable colleagues from less well-resourced organisations to participate.

Large groups

Annual budget greater than US $5 million

US $3,000

Medium groups

Annual budget of US $1-5 million

US $2,500

Small groups or independent facilitators

Annual budget less than US $1 million

US $1,500

We do not want cost to be a barrier to participation, and as such offer a limited number of spots at a subsidised rate of US $500. We can also explore further support on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with us at accelerator@mobilisationlab.org as soon as possible to discuss what you would need to attend.

These subsidised spots are made possible thanks in part to the generous contributions of past participants. With an additional $1,000, you will make this training accessible to allies in the fight for a better world who couldn’t otherwise attend.

This process encourages new ideas AND involves pathways to realistically make ideas happen.

Campaign Accelerator participant


Meet Your Trainers

Mia Paz Cambronero


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, but must be received by Friday, February 7.  Initial decisions about spots at the training will be communicated no later than Monday, 3 February, 2020, and continued thereafter.

Apply Now

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