350.org was born into the digital age. Founded in 2008, the distributed organisation demonstrated again and again that it was at the cutting edge of using digital to quickly build powerful campaigns and mass mobilisations around the world.

Even so, after a decade of growth 350.org found itself in technical debt, and with a more limited online reach than before. When Hanna Thomas was hired, she led a complete overhaul — new roles, new tools, and new systems.

In this dialogue, Hanna will take us behind the scenes of what she found when she arrived, what she learned after a year of guiding staff in 26 countries through a digital transformation, and why we must rethink our approach to digital if we aim to create social change that meets the speed and scale of today’s challenges.

Because, after all, the skills and strategies we tend to lump into “digital” are incredibly broad, and no one’s work is completely “offline” these days.

Meet the Speaker

Hanna Thomas

Hanna Thomas is the Chief Product Officer of 350.org. Previously, she was the Campaign & Culture Director at SumOfUs.org. Hanna also serves as a board member for Free Tibet.

Missed the event?

You can watch a recording and catch up on key takeaways here.

Top image: #RiseForClimate in Manila, one of the over 820 actions in 91 countries under the same banner to demonstrate the urgency of the climate crisis. September 2018. Photo by Leo Sabangan / 350.org. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0