Last week, a number of us already working on mass mobilisation at Greenpeace came together to look at how our various projects and programs fit together and how it could add up to a global strategy for Executive Directors to review at their next meeting (the “EDM”). The video below is our attempt at summarizing that conversation.

We looked at mobilisation as it relates to all phases of communications, digital campaigning, volunteer coordination and our values-driven segmentation that strives to have us thinking about people’s needs, not just Greenpeace’s. Mobilisation in the future, as Pascal Husting spoke about recently, means working alongside people.

My favorite part is Brian Fitzgerald talking about how “it’s a bit odd to be talking about mobilisation as if it’s a new thing in the organization, because we’ve actually done mobilisation all through our history.” He goes on to name a few great examples of people powered campaigns.

My second favorite part? The rally taking place in the background! Looks like our friend Rui had some fun in the editing room…

I know that the group who met is looking forward to engaging more people around the globe in the conversation that began. We’ll share more details here about ways to plug in just as soon as we know what those opportunities are.


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