How does it work?

We’re all familiar with how easy it is for different departments in an organization to focus only on their own priorities, and for coordination between departments to fall behind. That can mean different departments end up communicating with people in different ways. Fundraising might be asking for money to help with one campaign, while the Mobilisation team is asking for support on a different campaign.

To help ensure that different departments are more coordinated, and to ensure that the communications people are receiving from Greenpeace are meaningful to them, GP Netherlands is creating a Supporter Contact Strategy, which considers people as belonging to one of four “audience” categories:

  1. Green minded: people who are most actively engaged and willing to green their own lives
  2. Animal minded: people who feel strongly about human and animal welfare
  3. Rational minded: people who love facts and figures and have critical minds
  4. Easy minded: people who are not very outspoken, but willing to do their bit for society

What’s the impact?

This type of supporter-centric tool pushes staff to think outside of their own silos, and to consider things from the perspective of the people they are trying to mobilise. And because the model is used by multiple departments, it promotes integrated thinking and coordination across the organization.