How does it work?

It is not uncommon in the NGO world for Mobilisation and Fundraising departments to find themselves at odds about everything from campaign tactics to email content. GP Argentina has tried a solution to this problem by making online fundraising a shared goal for both Mobilisation and Fundraising.

Each day, Fundraising updates a shared spreadsheet that breaks down the money raised through various online channels, including email and Twitter.

“Mobilisation knows they have to hit certain fundraising targets, and to incorporate fundraising into their mobilisation strategy. And Fundraising knows that they need the help of Mobilisation in order to cultivate strong relationships with people and hit their overall fundraising goals.”
– Mariana Díaz Vaccaro, Web Coordinator

What’s the impact?

Tying together fundraising goals has positive impacts for both departments:

  • Mobilisation is thinking about supporting fundraising goals from the get-go, which means Fundraising doesn’t need to fight to be a focus in external communicatins.
  • Rather than Mobilisation being pressured to hit fundraising targets at any cost, Fundraising and Mobilisation have a shared stake in building healthy, sustainable lists for the long term.
  • Finally, shared metrics means both departments are able to adjust their tactics to meet those goals.