How does it work?

Greenpeace Spain is using Google Apps in some interesting ways. Each department has its own calendar, and that calendar is shared with the rest of the staff. Anyone can see, at any time, the key upcoming milestones for a given campaign. And the team also shares campaign-related documents, such as the original project plan and meeting minutes, via Google Drive. In addition, each project has it’s own Google Site (e.g. the Polar project site, the Amazon project site.)

What is the impact?

As Araceli Segura noted, this system allows everyone to have a transparent, real-time view of an evolving campaign: “everything that changes – you can check it in the calendar or the meeting minutes for the project.”

But she also notes that it requires a certain level of buy-in across the team to make it work: “that needs training and the commitment of all the members in the project to update it. If people don’t commit, it doesn’t work.”