How does it work?

The content of the bootcamps is both theory-based discussion and training in mobilisation skills. Initially these gatherings included all of GPSEA staff, and, as the learning about mobilisation continues, these mobilisation-focused trainings and visioning sessions will continue to be held for smaller groups of staff. In order to also learn about what other organizations were doing (and acknowledging that GP vols are involved in other orgs) other NGOs and volunteers were invited to participate and groups like Avazz, Getup, Amnesty, ran the trainings with Greenpeace.

“Learning is not an event, its ongoing, and there is a need for us to continue learning. Our issue at the moment is that we used the bootcamps initially for a particular purpose (to form a new department). However, now the department is formed the focus is more targeted smaller trainings that we run in each country.”
– Rathana Chea, Mobilisation Director

What is the impact?

Departments have a deeper understanding of mobilisation and are working better with the new mobilisation department. The bootcamps helped staff to think through ‘what is mobilisation’ and ‘how do you develop strategy which includes it.’

When the new mobilisation department formed, there were initial hitches in figuring out how to work with other departments, and the bootcamps helped to resolve those tensions.

“We had a bootcamp where we had fundraising with us and now fundraising staff understand what mobilisation can and cannot do. Now we have projects that have become automatic, everyday work between the two departments. Our fundraising coordinator knows she can come to us to create community fundraising projects. Their target is to raise money, we have groups we can mobilize to raise money, and so its important to them that we maintain good working relationships with the volunteer groups. The next one we’ll invite comms [department] to join.”
– Francis de la Cruz, Philippines Mass Mobilization Manager

“The bootcamps are bringing all of the staff along on the journey to integrate mobilisation into the organization.”
– Tracy Frauzel, Mobilisation Lab