Organisational Change Coaching


The Mobilisation Lab is home to one of the world’s leading Organizational Development teams focused exclusively on helping large, campaigning non-profits transform their cultures.

Specifically, we help Executive Directors and senior staff move their organizations from more traditional modes of being/operating to modes that fully leverage the power of digital and people-centric, modern campaigning.

Ultimately, it’s about more quickly achieving their goals of changing minds, raising money, and winning campaigns.

Some leaders are well served by their current approach to change, with aligned structures and teams equipped to win. Other leaders are not so lucky — and this is who we’re uniquely designed to help.

Our clients have either inherited their outdated situations or are seeing in real time the terrain of their work (with funders, politics, membership and so on) shift under their feet. Either way, the shared experience of those we help is the challenge to adapt. The other element our client leaders share is a deep belief that their mission requires people power to succeed.

Our Expertise

The Mobilisation Lab emerged six years ago while engineering a significant cultural and behavioural shift within one of the world’s largest campaigning NGOs, bringing Greenpeace into the digital, people-powered era.

Since then, we have been helping leaders apply our experience to their organizations. We’ve learned a great deal in the process and adopted a well-tested model for impact and working together to address the three toughest barriers to change: attitudes, behaviours, and structures.

Our Process

We do not run your change initiative for you – we guide and support a team of people within your organization to lead. This is key for sustainability and building the deep relationships within your culture necessary for success.

Our process involves three overarching phases:


Diagnostics: scoping and assessment to help understand what kind of culture shift your organization is looking for and could benefit from most.


Prescription: Design work to help you set up or re-focus a culture shift team and/or initiative.


Treatment/Application: Training and coaching, which sometimes includes full strategy retreats, workshops for or on behalf of your change initiative, and more focused ongoing work with specific teams and individuals.

MobLab’s committed team has been invaluable to UNICEF as it prepares to launch a global volunteer initiative. Their guidance in the early planning stages of this initiative has been crucial, allowing us to anticipate both opportunities and roadblocks. With MobLab’s hands-on practical support, we are learning how to harvest the creativity and power of people around the world to support UNICEF’s mission.

Liza Barrie,


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