Modern Campaign Fundamentals

Graduates of this two-day experiential course will learn:

  • The core building blocks of a modern campaign
  • How to craft a campaign strategy that addresses your core problem
  • To tell a campaign story to engage your key constituencies and shift the narrative
  • Ways to decide which tactics and tools will help best deliver on your strategy

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Modern Campaign Fundamentals is happening 23-24 May in Nairobi. Learn more and register with our partners at Advocacy Assembly.

Course Description

Modern Campaign Fundamentals involves two full, dynamic, experiential working days. During the training, participants will:

  • Learn about the core building blocks of modern campaigns.
  • Practice building an effective campaign strategy.
  • Explore cutting edge tools and tactics to create change – and learn to evaluate their effectiveness in supporting a campaign strategy.
  • Apply the above lessons to a project they’re working on.

Is this for me?

This training is ideal for those who:

  • Want to build (or strengthen) their understanding of campaigning and advocacy strategy — and ensure their tools and tactics are effectively supporting their overall mission or social change objectives.
  • Currently work for or with campaigning organisations — in roles where a deeper understanding of campaigning would be useful. This training is also appropriate for individuals seeking future employment in advocacy / campaigning organisations, as well as those engaged in grassroots campaigns for social change unaffiliated with a specific organisation.
  • Ideally, are joining with a colleague; this learning will be most easily applied if there’s at least one colleague who you can continue exploring with; more than one colleague would be even better.

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