For Groups And Organisations

MobLab programs, events and trainings are designed to help organisations build skills, stay on top of fast-changing campaign strategies and tech, and scale impact. Here’s what we’re working on for you:

Campaign Accelerator Trainings

Want to help your team build skills that enable people across your group/org better plan strategic, high impact campaigns with people-power at the core? Bring us in for a Campaign Accelerator Training.

Campaign Accelerator Workshops

Have a campaign you’re planning with your team or a coalition that could use a collaborative, participatory and people-powered approach? We can help!

Organisational Change Coaching

Looking to shift your internal culture to be more effective in today’s digital, people-powered world? The Mobilisation Lab is home to one of the world’s leading organisational development teams focused exclusively on helping large, advocacy organisations transform their cultures.

Modern Campaign Fundamentals

We’re piloting a new, two-day course that delivers the core building blocks of a modern campaigning to participants.


Have other training needs? The Directory tracks capacity builders across the world so you can find what you need and add any services you may provide others.