Mobile technology is playing an ever-increasing role in campaigns, engagement and activism around the world—creating countless opportunities and corresponding challenges.

Mobiles x Mobilisation “camp” took place 27-29 October 2015 in Berlin, and convened a much needed space for peers and practitioners at campaigning organisations around the world to connect, collaborate and sharpen skills.

We closed gaps in our mobile engagement strategies for social change, and we invited inspiration from the front lines of mobile innovation—via industry leaders, trendsetters and researchers.

In Their Own Words

Below are some reflections, highlights and feedback from participants:


  • Build towards a global community of practice for mobile campaigning
  • Identify opportunities for strategic collaboration and knowledge sharing between participating organisations and campaigns
  • Map out / surface strategies and technologies working in different contexts
  • Identify gaps in mobile capacity in terms of tools, tactics, and resources
  • Find inspiration from past and current mobile campaigns both for learnings and strategic enhancements
  • Brainstorm and potentially design prospective future campaigns and shared tools
  • Address digital security aspects of mobile campaigning, mobile use and dependency on mobile infrastructure, including state surveillance and “fallback” scenarios
  • Identify collaborative channels for ongoing collaboration and resource sharing

Sessions and Notes

Day 1

Interactive Plenary – Spectrogram (post-it note photos) Mobile X Mobilisation: What does mobile and mobilisation mean to you? 

Notes from Mobile X Berlin interactive plenary.

Interactive Project Showcase – SpeedGeeking

Road Map for a successful SMS campaign with Missed Call technique by Greenpeace India.

Break-Out Sessions

Day 2

Morning Break-Out Sessions

Mobile risk assessment: What are the potential threats on your phone?

Knowledge Farmers Market

Knowledge Farmer’s Market: List of resources to build capacity in Mobile/ Mobilisation

Afternoon Break-Out Sessions

More Afternoon Break-Out Sessions

Working sessions explored peer-to-peer, low-tech and prototyping SMS campaigns.

Day 3

Campaign Design Jam

Small groups dove into mobile campaigns and concepts, giving feedback and digging deep to help make them a reality!

Participant Skill Share

What skill can one person teach in 30 minutes? One example was:

  • How to build SMS Campaign and Journey? – Anirban of Greenpeace International
  • How to understand the difference between What’s App and SMS? – Alex from Frontline SMS
  • How to use micro-tasking in your campaign? How to manage media relationships?

Skill share: Alex from FrontlineSMS shares his skills in SMS

Afternoon Break-Out Sessions

Knowledge sharing and connecting across the NGO sector on mobile

Next Steps: Where To Go From Here

  • Mobile Campaigning Journey & Tools
  • Design and Test SMS user journey
  • Change/ Improve the Internal structure & process in your organization
  • Connecting Ushahidi with local movements in Turkey and Greece
  • Spreading digital security resources to Turkish speaking users
  • Local Campaign platforms
  • Video Mobilisation Skype meeting
  • Alignment on how open-source mobile email CRM moves forward

End of Day 3: Next steps and actions for Mobile X group!