In the early days of the Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace, it became clear that despite the abundance the digital tools and toys available to us, the very best way for a growing network of mobilisation leaders to sharpen our skills was by spending time with one another.

For that very reason we launched the Digital Mobilisation Skillshare (DMS) as an opportunity to collectively build on our successes in campaigning “with people”, learn from our failures, and nurture a community of practice to innovate, test, mobilise, and win.

The events were part of Greenpeace’s broader shift towards mobilisation, a way of working that acknowledges that for large-scale change to happen, the organisation needed to engage and involve people more deeply in campaigns.


Check out what happened at the third Digital Mobilisation Skillshare, which gathered over 130 campaigners, communicators and digital specialists in Rome on 11-14 February 2014.


Read more about the second Digital Mobilisation Skillshare, which took place in the countryside of Catalunya, Spain, on 3-7 February 2013.


Click here to check out recaps and other materials from our inaugural Digital Mobilisation Skillshare, held in the Netherlands.