Campaign Labs

Campaign Labs are online, peer-led workshops for changemakers to hack strategic or tactical campaign challenges with experienced colleagues from around the world – using action learning to build stronger, more creative and effective campaigns.

“We campaigners get so wrapped up in our own world. It’s a massive help to be able to step out and look at it from different perspectives.”


Grassroots Activist, India

How do you participate?

Interested in being a Campaign Labs peer mentor? Great! Use this form to let us know what kind of campaign you’re interested in working with, your experience and any questions you have.

Have a campaign to workshop? Get in touch by email and tell us a little bit about the campaign and questions you hope to address.

As campaigners and activists, we often work in organisational, geographic or issue-based silos. Rapid innovation helps practitioners respond to the scale of today’s challenges but we need to share learning globally–and more quickly–if we are to win. Campaign Labs offer a dedicated and safe space to do just that. Campaigners get support on a specific campaign element and global peer mentors who offer expertise, insight and new perspectives.

“Questions from my peers pushed me to think of new ideas. Now I know what needs to be worked on.”


Save the Children Somalia, Every Last Child campaign

“It was really useful to bring several people working on this team together, and to really dig into where we needed to focus. We were also very intrigued by the idea of shifting our campaign message from a negative to a positive message”

Heather Goldsmith

ABA Center for Human Rights, Justice Defenders Program

How it works

Campaign Labs are 90 minute online workshops. Participants work through a campaign challenge with global peer mentors and a MobLab facilitator to integrate our campaign design methodology, action learning, and the experience and questions of colleagues.

Want to bring a campaign challenge to be workshopped? Or join as a peer mentor? Here’s what you do:

[1] Submit a campaign challenge you want to work through.

[2] You’ll identify one campaign element (listed below) to workshop with support from a MobLab coach.

[3] MobLab will identify and reach out to a group of global peer mentors who can support you on your specific challenge, based on their area of expertise and knowledge.

[4] If you want to join as a peer mentor to a fellow practitioner, and offer support, questions, experience and ideas to advance their campaign, get in touch and be part of a growing network of practitioners supporting their peers around the globe.

Campaign Elements

Identify a campaign element that you want to workshop:

You have a broad problem statement: “we know we want to work on X, but aren’t totally sure of what success looks like,” and the group will work with you to build a vision of what you might be trying to achieve.

Campaign Story
You have your vision, goal, theory of change, and need support building a story that will help you achieve change, inspire people to take action, and start to shift the narrative on the issue you are working on.

Creative tactics brainstorm
You have your strategy, and now are looking for innovative, creative ideas for how to implement it in the most effective way possible. Maybe you’re looking for a range of new and exciting tactics to build out and test, and would love ideas from global colleagues.

Deepening engagement
You have a sense of your strategy and main tactics, but are struggling with how to engage people at different levels, how to deepen engagement through the campaign, and how to build more people power.

Open and distributed campaigning
You want your supporters to own and build distributed campaigns as leaders and change agents, not as a passive audience. We’ll look at opening up your campaign, building more leadership pathways, and developing effective open campaigns that build the power of your supporters, your organisation and your issue.

Why peer mentoring

  • As changemakers, we have a vast pool of knowledge, talent, expertise and experiences.
  • Peer mentoring is a way to share knowledge, actively support one another, and bring out the collective wisdom of the group.
  • It will offer you practical experience and a range of different perspectives that will grow your skills as a campaigns coach.
  • It’s a chance to meet and work with incredible campaigners, and build connections with like-minded people.
  • You’ll have a unique opportunity to contribute to campaigns outside of your own work, and learn about what others are doing and how.

How do you participate?

Check out “How it works” and submit a campaign workshop idea using the form above.

Interested in being a Campaign Labs peer mentor? Great! Use the form above to share your information. Have other questions? Get in touch.

“Campaign Lab provided a great space to pause, share and listen more. It helped me generate ideas to reflect on and take ahead in my campaign planning.”

Svitlana, Ukraine