Author: Darren Barefoot

Project AWARE turns scuba divers into citizen scientists

Case Studies, People Lead

In 2011, Project AWARE completely re-envisioned their organization–from mission, vision and programs to their brand and framework. Since then, the global nonprofit organization focused on ocean protection has shifted from a traditional organization-at-the-helm model to a more movement-oriented approach. They knew their greatest strength was their global network of nearly half a million scuba divers and ocean advocates (which has since grown to 1.5M), who fuel critical conservation initiatives and helped secure victories over the last two decades. Moving forward, Project AWARE recognized that the key to influencing larger scale change would be to connect the dots among the...

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Six tricks for creating remarkable web campaigns

Campaigning, Insights

This is a guest post by our colleague Darren Barefoot. It’s adapted from The Noble Arsonist, a free e-book about NGO communications. To stand out online, you’ve got to be remarkable. In 2013, that seems like a truism, but too few campaigners take it to heart. Stuff that succeeds on the web does so because it is literally remarkable—worthy of being remarked upon. Whether it’s a brilliant marketing campaign for vitamin water or yet another hilarious cat video, nobody shares the ordinary. It’s an exceptionally noisy marketplace. NGOs compete with each other, and every other product, service, campaign and...

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How NGOs Win with Facebook: Better Engagement in Five Easy Lessons


MobLab: Our colleagues Darren Barefoot and Theodora Lamb from Capulet recently completed some useful research on how campaigners can be more effective on Facebook. Darren summarizes his findings for us in this guest article. — Michael What do charities and nonprofit organizations really want when they talk about ‘increased engagement’ and ‘viral spread’ in Facebook? More likes, comments and shares on their posts, naturally. With those desires in mind, we set out to answer this question: What kinds of content gets liked, commented upon and shared on NGO Facebook pages? Additionally, we wanted to find out which organizations were...

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