What would you most hope to take away from the opportunity to spend six days with some of the most creative and experienced people working in citizen engagement and mobilisation campaigns?

That’s one of the questions we put to people coming to the first global Digital Mobilisation Skillshare that kicks off next week. Here’s what some of those coming to the skillshare told us they’re expecting.

But first! We also spoke with Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, about his expectations for the event. Kumi didn’t mince words in describing his hopes that people think big:

“The skillshare is a critical learning moment for the organization and I hope people feel very free to not only talk about what they’ve done well but where actually things didn’t go well because sometimes you can learn more from looking at the failures.

The skillshare should also be seen as a moment of planning the future of how we’ll get this right. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we don’t have the luxury of a three year process of planning. The world is not where we need it to be to secure the future of our children and grandchildren.

We have to challenge the skillshare to address these issues with a much higher level of urgency and also a sense of being as ambitious as possible so we can move this forward as fast as possible.”

Watch the conversation:

What one outcome do you hope to take away from the Digital Mobilisation Skillshare?

Meeting in the MessLeadership and Mentoring

For us as leading practitioners to better ourselves in our ability to create more practitioners within our counties that we operate in. To elevate ourselves from specialists to leaders, meaning that we aren’t just doers but teachers and in turn become movement builders.

Turn email addresses into real world action

“One concrete thing I’d like to come away with is more clarity around how we can go about converting our lists of email addresses into more real world activism.”

Removing obstacles to mobilisation

“I want to find out about more efficient volunteer management system/database” for our local office, since when I joined them, I noticed that they were still handling volunteer information manually (paper files, excel, etc) and so I got into an ongoing project to improve that. As I see that it is one of the “bottlenecks” in mobilizing volunteers in our context.”

Networking and Collaboration

“I want to network as much as possible with my colleagues doing this work around the world and learn how their programs operate. I am looking for things to try here in my country or ways to work together.”

Case study or model

“I would love if, by the end of the week, we could come up with a concrete engagement strategy using a real GP campaign, using all the best of our respective tools/expertise/practices from social media/FR/Comms/Vol/etc., including cohesive online/offline strategy, as a sort of case study of what is possible for us to achieve and/or what we might aim to achieve.”

“Have a list of really inspiring examples (with results) on how other web-folks cooperated with other departments in their own or other offices to reach campaign targets or large numbers of new audience.”

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