All stories should adhere to the following principles:

Uphold MobLab’s values.

  • Practice humility in your storytelling. Collective listening and learning are central to all of Mobilisation Lab’s work.
  • Be open and accessible in your storytelling. Express ideas as simply as possible, without jargon and unnecessarily complication.
  • Respect readers who might not share your particular geography, context or expertise. What seems obvious to you may not be so obvious to others.
  • Seek out subjects and sources who have the greatest insights and most at stake. Whenever possible, let their voices speak to readers directly, unfiltered.
  • Question your assumptions about people, groups, events and situations. Never stereotype based on identity traits.
  • Take strides to recognise your own biases and keep them in check.

Be truthful, transparent and accurate.

  • Report information that is verifiable and from trustworthy sources.
  • Include all information that is relevant to a story. Never misrepresent people, groups, events, situations or yourself through omission.
  • If you are personally involved in the campaign or organisation being reported on, disclose this information.
  • Respect people’s privacy. If a person’s statements are not already a part of the public domain, seek their permission before quoting them in a story.
  • Never plagiarise. If a story incorporates someone else’s work, give due credit.
  • Admit mistakes and correct them promptly. To err is human!

Minimise harm.

  • Take measures to protect sources who could face risks because of a story.
  • When describing a vulnerable person or community’s relationship to their identity, religion or political beliefs, use special sensitivity in your choice of language to avoid contributing to a narrative that facilitates their persecution.
  • When writing about children and adolescents, respect their power, participation and dignity. At the same time, take care to preserve their physical and emotional welfare.
  • When writing about suicide, encourage positive behaviour and help-seeking by observing special guidance.