Unlike most conferences, participants at the Digital Mobilisation Skillshare (DMS) spend most of their time in small groups, facilitated by peers, on topics generated by the group.

The two short videos below should give you a taste of the format and the energy — including a few reactions from participants. Enjoy!

One-minute Recap

Building a network

Participants were very clear about the concrete value of the networks and connections they made at the DMS.

“This is the third DMS I’ve attended. I get so much out of it. It’s brilliant for making the connections and finding the people who really know about something, right down to the nitty gritty. ‘Great, I know there’s a guy in Serbia, or wherever, who is good on this, I know who to talk to’.”
Mike, Greenpeace Africa

“As we do more remote working, that personal connection with colleagues is ever more important. For example, I don’t think I could have done what we did for Arctic 30, taking on the rolling 24-hour Twitter response, without the relationships I had built at the DMS.”
Jamie, Greenpeace Australia

“Amazing place + amazing people + amazing minds = amazing new friends <3”
Amanda, Greenpeace Brazil

“This was magic happening… DMS is the renewable source of power for the whole year.”
Bohdan, Greenpeace CEE

A powerful format

Group of people, outdoors, sitting at a table organising stickies on a large diagram

From ladder of engagement to… wheel? web? Mapping engagement with supporters at the DMS. Photo via @silbatron

The format of the DMS shows the power of putting the participants in charge.

“This format is great for community-building. As a new staff member I’ve learned a lot really quickly about how Greenpeace approaches things, and the way the organisation thinks.”
Sarah, Greenpeace US

“Some people find it a bit difficult. I think maybe some managers worry that their staff may not get exactly what they’re expecting out of the event. But if Greenpeace is going to be the kind of organization we say we want to be, then that’s exactly the sort of risk we have to take.”
James, Greenpeace UK

“It’s a really exciting event. I’m really impressed with the way that people are staying deeply engaged and most importantly listening. There are so many people here with amazing expertise and experience, so it’s impressive to see how humble people are.”
Elizabeth, Greenpeace China

We even made an impression on the locals. Said Luca, one of the staff at the venue, “I’ve worked here for twenty years, and I can say this is the best conference I have ever worked with. It’s been amazing to see you all organising yourselves in this great way and working together to make a better world. It has been one of the best weeks of my life.”

A closing session focused on key actions for individuals and for the community to take back into their day-to-day work once back in the office. Look out for awesome ideas taking root!

We’ll be posting more case studies and learnings from the event here on the Mobilisation Lab site, so watch this space.

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