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Fashion victims speak up: How the Detox campaign is changing giant company supply chains

A website mirroring Zara's shows models in masks. Zara is a company targeted by the Detox campaign.

A website mirroring Zara’s shows models in masks. Zara is a company targeted by the Detox campaign.

One early morning in December 2012, Tianjie Ma stood beside a gigantic discharge pipe, watching as it spit dirty water into China’s Qiantang River. Behind him, Greenpeace activists worked on a video and photo shoot.

They dressed 10 mannequins in designer jeans and placed them on the shoreline, facing the water. The chemicals polluting the river were the same ones used to make the jeans on the mannequins.

This is Tianjie’s most memorable moment from the Detox our Fashion campaign, an initiative Greenpeace launched in July 2011 to draw attention to the link between international clothing brands and textile manufacturing facilities in places like China that discharge hazardous chemicals into the water.

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Half million ask Volkswagen not to give into . . . The Dark Side (Case Study)

The VW Darkside campaign launched at Old Street, centre of the U.K. digital marketing world. The launch event ensured both ‘Stormtrooper’ and ‘Old Street’ terms trended globally on Twitter, pushing the campaign to new audiences.

On March 6, 2013, after two years of campaigning, Europe’s biggest carmaker Volkswagen committed to ensure its cars meet strong CO2 reductions targets.

Our case study takes apart the true tale about how a highly-motivated, environmentally-minded rebel force was able to help one of the world’s most recognizable brands turn from the Dark Side of greenhouse gas emissions to a more enlightened path of planetary well-being.

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“How Big is Yours?” campaign empowers 665,000 people to protect Mediterranean fisheries

Child holding undersized fish

Child holds an undersized fish during the "How Big is Yours?" campaign.

Oceans without fish – a potential reality when young fish are overharvested. This is the story of how a campaign to end overfishing implemented innovative strategies to reach millions of unlikely supporters, turn citizens into activists, and change public policy to protect three threatened fish species.

This in-depth case study takes a close look at seven phases of an innovative and successful campaign run by Greenpeace Mediterranean. The campaign empowered a regional audience to take action for some of the smallest creatures in the ocean using digital and offline communications, creating new partnerships, testing, and keeping an eye on what influenced key decision makers.

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Learning from Campaigns

Campaigns across the globe are testing new engagement techniques, messages, and technologies to mobilise citizens. We explore what’s working for campaigns, what isn’t, and what you might learn to help your campaigns.

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Mobilisation Innovations

Our mobilisation innovations take a look at some of the most creative, interesting, and helpful innovations in moving people to action for environmental and social change.

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People Powered

People powered stories take a look at how campaigns, organizations, and platforms are moving power into the hands of activists, citizens, and volunteers so they can create and run campaigns in their own community or country.

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