The 2013 Digital Mobilisation Skillshare (DMS) is the Greenpeace mobilisation community’s chance to share knowledge and experiences while strengthening working relationships. The event recognizes people doing good work and creates space for innovation, creative collaboration, and maybe even some fun.

Please read our recap of the 2013 DMS.

Sessions, Photos, and Video from DMS 2013

DMS 2013 participants gather.

The DMS brought together nearly 150 Greenpeace staff from almost every national and regional office worldwide. We were also joined by some amazing Greenpeace volunteers (Julian Gretsch, Sarah Banderet, and Josh Chamberland). Allen Gunn of Aspiration served as facilitator. We were also joined by several colleaguesand guests from allied organizations who shared their experiences and skills.

Participants designed and ran over 100 sessions at the DMS. Titles ranged from “I want 50 volunteers, and I want them tomorrow” to “How to create high performing Mobilisation teams” and more.

Rachel Weidinger of Upwell gave attendees the scoop on her group’s social media listening and campaign testing programs designed to increase global attention to Ocean issues. Read more about Rachel’s session, big listening, and feedback from participants


Photos from DMS 2013