Open Campaigns Camp

21-23 July, 2015

Open Campaigns Camp brought together 70 campaigners pioneering technology-enabled “open campaigning” at twenty different organizations across the world to advance our collective understanding of enabling more people to initiate meaningful campaigns and campaign work.

The Mobilisation Lab, the Volunteering Lab, and our partners at Aspiration convened the Open Campaigns Camp at Betahaus Berlin from 21-23 July, 2015.

Outcomes and Takeaways from Open Campaigns Camp

Participants designed and led over 80 sessions to …

  • Advance our collective understanding of and vision for “open campaigning”
  • Identify and share insights for empowering supporters to take on campaign leadership
  • Teach one another about strategies and tactics for effective open campaigning
  • Build relationships with open campaigners across the globe
Open Campaigns Camp Berlin design jam

A campaign design jam at Open Campaigns Camp 2015 in Berlin.


Here are a few session highlights (scroll down the page for full agenda):

In Their Own Words

Here are some highlights shared by participants:

Stories and blog posts by participants:


Sessions and Notes

Interactive plenary

Notes from OCC Berlin interactive plenary.

Day 1: Interactive Plenary – Spectrogram (post-it note photos)Open Campaigning: What do we know and what do we need to know?

Interactive Project Showcase – SpeedGeeking

Break-Out Sessions

Open Campaigns Camp

Ingredients of a successful community – from Open Campaigns Camp 2015.

Day 2:  Morning Break-Out Sessions

Participant Skill Share

  • How to identify potential leaders on your online platforms – Liselotte
  • New media network analysis for communications strategies – Sonke
  • How to create a shareworthy Facebook image in 5 minutes – Jill
  • How 38 Degrees campaigns (to win): ways of working and/or tactics – Cara
  • How magic string tricks can help you with online to offline work! – Nicole
  • How to get your Google Analytics data into a spreadsheet automatically – Glyn
  • How to do advanced admin stuff on Greenwire – Rebecca
  • How to write fiction to raise awareness about your issue – Deji
  • How to partner with for-profit companies to provide member services and raise money – Matt B.H.
  • How to build the Community Coach role – Pelle
  • How to use Brainstorming techniques – Sina
  • How to engage DD offices on campaigns/Greenwire – Dan

Knowledge Farmers Market

Open knowledge

Spotted at OCC Berlin: The power match of Open Knowledge and Open Campaigning. Via @BeatriceMartini.

Afternoon Break-Out Sessions

Day 3: Morning Break-Out Sessions

Campaign Design Jam

Afternoon Break-Out Sessions

Mapping Where To Go From Here


Open Campaigns Camp 2015 was organised in collaboration with:

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