European Climate Movement Skillshare - March 2015

The European Climate Skillshare is happening in Zurich next month. Find out more below and apply to attend here

With the UNFCCC COP21 in Paris in December 2015, we expect huge public momentum on climate change. We will use this window of opportunity to strengthen and promote a real transition to a just and climate resilient future up to and beyond the COP21 in Paris.

Unfortunately, we don’t expect that the delegates, and their friendly entourage of corperate lobbyists, will save the world through a sufficient and fair agreement on climate change. It is therefore up to us to create real change and show that we will walk the walk towards a just and 100% renewable future!

We need to use this opportunity as best as we can and energize the broad climate change movement.

We are gathering more than 100 activists engaged in national or regional campaigns fighting against dirty fossil and fissile fuels, for renewables or other climate solutions. The European Climate Movement Skillshare in Switzerland on Friday 27 March (Midday) to Sunday, 29 March (Afternoon), 2015.

What will happen at the Skillshare and who will be there:
  • Network together to establish contact between the various cells of the same metamorphosing organism: the climate activist movement.
  • Train, exchange and share skills, experiences and inspiration from different corners of the movement, focusing on strategic planning, organising, social media, campaigning, lobbing, along with suggestions of skills to teach/learn from the participants.
  • Find ways of mutually benefiting from, and contributing to, the movement that is bringing a permanent transition, and amplifying the massage that “regardless of what the politicians decide in Paris, we all are united on a path to a 100% renewable and just future.

If you are actively fighting fossil fuels and nuclear energy, building local resilient food systems, campaigning for global justice, creating citizen-owned and community-led renewable energy, fighting to save the Arctic, assisting climate refugees, combating multinational corporate power, engaged in local transition town, lobbying for divestment of your institutes in dirty industries or directly exercising your right to protest and civil disobedience, we want to meet and learn from you at the European Climate Movement Skillshare.

To apply, please fill out the linked application form. As we have to limit the number of participants, we will choose participants to create the most diverse and varied group possible.