For Changemakers


MobLab programs can help individual changemakers connect with other people around the world, learn new skills, and talk through big problems. Here’s what we have for you:

Campaign Accelerator Training

Want to learn how to run a Campaign Accelerator, and build your expertise in planning awesome, people-powered campaigns? Come to our next training!

MobLab Live

Does the idea of hearing from campaigning experts about hot topics in people-powered campaigning sound fun and interesting? Check out past MobLab Live sessions and join us for the next one!

Campaign Labs

Need help with a campaign? Have some skills to share as a mentor? Maybe you need help and have experience to share with others. Campaign Labs are opportunities for people in MobLab’s global practitioner network to solve problems and give support in a facilitated online small group.


Does the idea of convening with over 100 campaigners from different groups and places around the world sound like an amazing time? If so, CampaignCon might be for you!

Modern Campaign Fundamentals

We’re piloting a new, two-day course where participants will learn the core building blocks of a modern campaign. Join us for the pilot in Nairobi and keep posted for future trainings.


COMING SOON: Have training needs? Or offering a training? The Directory maps capacity builders across the world to help campaigners and trainers find (or deliver) services to the right people.