Author: Tracy Frauzel

Campaign Accelerator: A design thinking approach to campaign planning


We’ve seen a growing recognition across global Greenpeace and allied organisations that campaigners need a more efficient and inclusive process for campaign planning and design – one that focuses on helping people build power, supports innovation and testing, and is responsive to rapidly changing landscapes. That’s why we developed the five day Campaign Accelerator – a fresh approach to campaign planning which blends high-performing campaign strategy tools with proven “design thinking” methodologies. Tim Brown, IDEO president and CEO, describes design thinking as a “human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the...

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How Mod is Your Mob?

Leadership, Learning

How can we build high performing mobilisation teams and strong engagement cultures in our offices to win bigger? We created a checklist to help leaders and practitioners at Greenpeace tackle this question and we thought it might also be useful to you. Use this list with colleagues, campaign and leadership teams to identify gaps in mobilisation strategies, surface opportunities for growth and development, or simply to inspire new approaches to engagement culture across your group. Want to go even deeper? The team at Mob Lab is happy to discuss your results and support your progress in people-powered campaigning.  To take us up on...

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Ten ways people power can change the world

People Lead, Resources

What do we mean by people power? People Power can take many forms depending on what kind of change you’re looking to achieve and who has the power to make that change happen — whether it’s a government, company, community or individual. So we’ve come up with this list. We’re hoping that it will help you define your strategy and generate ideas for tactics to harness this powerful force for good. Here we go, in no particular order:   1  Consumer Pressure The voices of many can now match the marketing budgets of even the biggest brands, making consumer pressure...

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Adapting community insights from the business world

Campaigning, Insights

I recently went along to an agency event in London about online communities, I admit I was attracted by the title “Digital Co-creation Lab”, wondering what it looks like from a commercial perspective. The picture that emerged is that business is still miles ahead of the NGO world when it comes to engaging our communities in co-creation and innovation. Businesses across the spectrum are involving their customers, and competitors, in the development of products, marketing strategies and providing customer insights on their experiences (including reviewing T&Cs!) with greater depth and less cost than the traditional focus group. Greenpeace agreed...

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Top ten tips in email writing from organisations changing the world

Insights, Learning

Email is one of Greenpeace’s key tools for inspiring, engaging and mobilising people, both online and offline, in order to put pressure on decision makers and create change that will protect this beautiful planet we share. That’s why we’ve brought in email writing experts from Make Believe in Australia to provide training and coaching for Greenpeace staff globally to improve and hone their writing skills. These methods are the culmination of years of email writing experience from MoveOn, Avaaz and GetUp and their model is now helping Greenpeace offices inspire and engage more people to campaign with us for...

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